Monday, February 7, 2011

Self-Pity: Take One

Day 36

Breakfast: green tea, bowl of Fiber One honey clusters, and a bowl of "banana ice cream"
Mid-afternoon snacks: strawberry and banana yogurt
Lunch: green tea, pita sandwich (shredded lettuce and diced yellow bell pepper on pita bread with italian dressing), 10 baby carrots and an orange
Dinner: two bean turkey/beef chili, side salad
Dessert: french vanilla truffle ice cream bar

Today is an off-day for me, so I apologize if this may be slightly less-optimistic.

Weigh-in this morning went well... Lost another 2.4 lbs. Still not well enough to place me in the contest though. I guess there's still a couple more weeks left, but I've kind of given up (on the contest, that is, not the weight loss).

Good news is my patient cancelled today (well, I guess it depends on who you ask whether that's good news or not) so I got to go home early today. It was nice to see Husband before he left for work. And I was able to have my (future) sister-in-law over for a mini girls' night, which was definitely needed. We ate, talked trash, and watched a sappy love movie (Curious Case of Benjamin Button)... What more could a girl want?

Except maybe to eat, talk trash, and watch sappy love movies with Brad Pitt himself... But that's just being greedy, I suppose.

(No offense, Jamie... But you saw the sunglasses, right?)


It has come to my attention that there's a character in my life worth blogging about routinely. I don't know her name or anything else about her... Besides what she eats for lunch everyday. There is a girl in one of my classes whom I have had to sit next to on occasion. Thus far, we have had a total of four class periods. Three of those four, she has brought her lunch to class.

Day 1: Whataburger
Day 2: Sonic Drive-In
Day 3: .... If she brought lunch, I paid no attention
Day 4 (today): She brings... Pei-Wei

I mean, I don't know if I've mentioned it lately, but my biggest craving at the moment.. Is CHINESE. So not only does she bring BURGERS the first two days (which are my #2 craving) but the fourth lunch, she brings CHINESE?! This can't be a coincidence.

So this is what I'm thinking... She must read my blog.

Girl Who Sits Next to Me (sometimes) in Neuro Bases... Please 1) Eat your food before class like everyone else does 2) bring less appetizing food or 3) bring enough for the whole class!

I mean.. Isn't that something we learn in elementary school?

Wow, I'm feeling quite snarky this evening. I sincerely apologize.


Here's what I keep thinking... There's a distinct difference in mind-set between those who are fat and those who have never been fat. (And I do not put people with a little extra baggage into the category of being fat... There's still a big difference). I hear people all the time say (especially those trying to sell a certain diet or another) that once you start eating and enjoying healthy foods, the cravings for the junk you used to eat disappear.

.... I call BS.

And this is one of the differences between fat people and those who haven't been. It's like an addiction. There will never be a time when I prefer turkey burgers and grilled chicken (however delicious they may be) over a juicy bacon cheeseburger or a giant plate of pasta. That's just ludicrous. I love the food that I make on this diet (well... most of it) but I would give it all up in a split second if I could eat the way I did and still lose weight.

I am struggling today with motivation. My legs are killing me, and I'm not sure why. Yes, I over-exerted myself on the exercises yesterday, but they weren't necessarily leg exercises. Not only that, but my knees are the worst they've ever been. It's very discouraging. I thought that my strength would get better and my joint pain would lessen as I became stronger. It's a process and I will get there, but I'm starting to wonder if there's actually something wrong with my knees.

And the suckiest part is that because I'm feeling so achey, I highly doubt I will be putting in any exercise today (especially considering it's 9:40 PM).

I guess here's to hoping tomorrow is a much better day.
And it should be since it's (probably) going to be my Friday.
Here's to another snowed out week!

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