Sunday, February 13, 2011

All You Need is Love (And Poetry)

Day 41

Breakfast: green tea, strawberry shortcake yogurt and a sliced apple
Mid-afternoon snack: banana
Lunch: NONE
Dinner: YUMMMM... Zio's... Cheese Ravioli over whole wheat penne pasta in tomato sauce
Dessert: 1/2 nonfat chocolate frozen yogurt (shared w/my lovely husband) and popcorn!!

Man, was today eventful!! I ended up spending the morning and afternoon in Lawton visiting with my mother and friends at church. It was great to see everyone, even if the circumstances for the trip were much less than ideal. Praying for all families who have lost a loved one to suicide. It really is tragic for everyone left behind..

About midway back to Chickasha my eyes started getting heavy. (I think I have some kind of condition that instantly makes me tired while driving... It's no beuno, trust me). As soon as I walked into the door I laid down on the love-seat and took 30 minute much-needed power nap. When I woke up it was time to get ready for our date!!! Luke helped me pick out my outfit (he's so coordinated and fashion-forward!) and I skipped the hair/makeup routine (umm, oops!). As Husband got ready, he awkwardly ordered me to get something out of the end table where we hide Luke's treats. (Note: It's a normal occurrence for him to mumble requests and I'm supposed to know exactly what he's talking about.) I asked him "What the heck are you talking about?!" And he stuck his head out of the bathroom and said "Just look in the cabinet!"

Happy Valentine's Day to me!!! 

My first piece of jewelry from a man that wasn't a ring!! Absolutely beautiful!!! =] I immediately put it on and we headed out to Bricktown for our date!! 

First stop was, well, finding a parking lot. We managed to squeeze into the Zio's parking lot just in time (as we paid him the parking fee, they turned over the Lot Full sign). However, there were no visible parking spots, so we were patiently waiting for this couple walking out to leave so we could have theirs. As we were waiting (probably a good 2-3 minutes) another car whizzed past us, looking for a spot. They saw the spot we were waiting for and stopped. As the car was pulling out of the spot, he immediately pulled in, leaving us high and dry. I can't lie and say I didn't let out a profanity or two. I was livid. Then the guy had the nerve to look at us and say, "Oh, were you waiting for this spot?" (I'm not kidding). Fortunately we found another spot close by so that's the end of that story. The story in which I almost fought a rather large, tall man in funny-looking jeans for a parking spot outside of an Italian restaurant at night on Valentine's weekend. The end.

The rest of the night was much better. We actually got to the restaurant fifteen minutes before our reservation (which was at 7PM) so we figured we'd have to wait, especially considering the place was PACKED to the brim. However, we went in, gave them our name, and were seated within 5 minutes. Our server was incredibly fast. Bringing us our drinks and taking our order also within five minutes, and then brought us our food 10 minutes later. Literally, we were in and out of Zio's within 20-25 minutes. That is incredible! Not to mention that we were able to order exactly what we wanted AND get it in whole wheat instead of regular so it was even more healthy than we anticipated!! We were very pleased, as always. Zio's, you continue to impress me. Well done. 

In fact, we finished our meal so quickly that we thought we could make the earlier time for the movie we wanted to see. By the time we got there they were sold out of that show time, so we went ahead and bought our tickets for the next. We had 1 1/2 hours to kill, so we went to Marble Slab since Husband just had to have a frozen yogurt (we split a nonfat chocolate frozen yogurt and it was divine). Afterwards, we hung out in Starbucks for the rest of the time until the movie. We made sure to be angsty in the corner table and switch frequently between checking our Smart Phones, reading our books of poetry we keep on hand at all times, and writing our own screen plays. We do it right when we go to coffee shops. 

Movie time! I made sure we stopped our poetry reading/screen play writing early enough to make it in plenty of time to buy... (dum dum dum...)... POPCORN! I'm not gonna lie... It didn't even make it through the previews before it was gone, but darn it.. It was worth it! The movie we saw was King's Speech and we both love love loved it! Excellent movie and really pretty hilarious at some points! Of course I loved the speech therapy aspects, and Braylen, I'm sure, loved the history (not to mention the comedy). 

We headed home after the movie and now here we are! I am very pleased with my first Valentine's Day as a married woman, and I am looking forward to so many more! (And apparently I have more waiting for me on the actual Valentine's Day also, so definitely looking forward to that!) 

I hope you all are so blessed this Valentine's Day season and are able to spend it with the friends and family that you love! 


  1. Mhm. Sounds like a good day. (Oh hey look I can comment now!)

  2. Awww... it sounds like you guys had a fabulous night, and I love the necklace! Your posts always make me smile and this one made me laugh (at the story of you in the parking lot). Happy Valentine's Day!!

  3. Beautiful Necklace! Sounds like you've got a great hubby! :)


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