Friday, February 25, 2011

TV Ghosts

Day 54

Breakfast: green tea, eggs, yogurt
Mid-afternoon snack: grapes
Lunch: leftover chicken-vegetable soup
Dinner: green tea, romaine and spinach salad with grape tomatoes and feta cheese
Dessert: smoothie

What a productive Friday! I got to sleep in (Hallelujah!) and relax, for the most part. Well, considering how much I accomplished I don't know how relaxed I was.. But it was all on my own terms, in my own time, so I felt like it was relatively more relaxed than an average day.

I am completely caught up on laundry. I mean, once all the stuff in the washer and dryer are folded and put away. So happy that my heroically talented FIL was able to fix the washer (the belt just needed to be replaced) yesterday. Now that we have clothing, I don't have to feel so weird taking the dog out to pee in my bathrobe.

Just kidding.

I've never done that.



Okay, so after I started working on laundry and ate my lunch, I went over to Tan & Tone. It had been a couple weeks, so it felt good to get back. Turns out, though, that I had completed my membership application back in June (even though all this time I thought I hadn't) so we've been paying for it since then... That's 7 months of membership that we'd been paying for that I never used. And that makes me really upset. That's over $280 down the toilet. Sigh.. I guess it's my own fault for signing up and not even realizing it (not to mention not going in to workout for 7 months). On the upside, she offered me a month of free sauna lite bike passes (the sauna bike is a regular exercise bike that's surrounded by red lights that make you sweat a heck of a lot more than you would normally.. it's lovely.. and it's normally about $100 a month, extra). So today I did my regular 25 minute workout there and then did 30 minutes on the bike. It felt really good. Glad that I can use that this month. And I'm really glad I can use it this weekend because the competition we're in ends on Monday. Not that I have a chance at placing in the top three, but I'd like to do my best to get a good number.. Especially since I was swamped this week and haven't done any workouts.

Anyways, came home afterwards and continued to work on laundry. Also got caught up on shows while I folded. Oh, grades were posted online somewhere in there and I made an A, so I was really excited about that! Then I cooked dinner for the husband (turkey chili) and had myself a salad for the night. I think, at least for this weekend, I'm going to try to have my more substantial meal at lunchtime and then have a salad for dinner. I probably should do that more often than not, but sometimes it's really hard to get something made for lunches at school.. Much easier on the weekend. Anyway, now that I have the chili already made, it'll be easy to reheat tomorrow. And tomorrow, now that the house is mostly picked up, I can focus on getting my school stuff taken care of!

Off to put away the chili (I'd left it out to cool down) and finish laundry and American Idol.

OH, speaking of which... I started this episode a little bit ago, and all the sudden, the satellite starts changing channels. I wasn't sitting on the remote or pushing ANY of the buttons, it just kept changing channels. It has done this before, but this time it wouldn't stop. I tried everything... turning off the TV, turning off the dish, changing the channels myself. It was like someone else was controlling it.. And they kept changing it to Wheel of Fortune. Anyway, it finally stopped (although I don't know why, which is going to be frustrating when/if it happens again) and I can now (hopefully) watch my show in peace.

'Night, y'all!


Dear God, thank you for making the TV ghosts stop changing the channel so I can watch Idol. Amen.

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