Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One More Time!

Okay, I know I just posted for the night, but I feel these things are necessary to share with you, friends.

Question, have you ever wrapped Saran wrap around your midsection and each of your thighs?



Well, that's probably completely normal. And I know that that's normal because I am doing just that right now and if feels completely UN-normal. Especially walking to the couch completely bowlegged because the wrap gets caught with every step you take.

I. Am. Uncomfortable.

But I smell completely minty and fresh. Despite having just finished a workout and not having showered yet.

Speaking of working out, this is what I really wanted to share with you.

Top Five Most Annoying 17 Day Diet Workout DVD Motivational Catch Phrases:

  1. "One more time!" -- This said right before having to do it 10 more times. Don't lie to me!!! 
  2. "Are you feeling it?" -- 1) This sounds perverse. 2) Wait, am I feeling it? Am I doing it right? Too much pressure! 
  3. "Walk/Step/Punch/March it out!" -- Just... doesn't make sense.
  4. "Engage your core!" -- What does this mean?! Explain my core so I know where to engage!
  5. "Just have fun with it!" -- Umm, but this isn't fun...? 
And with that, I'm going to go feed my dog, shower, and have some dessert. 

Not at the same time, of course. Cos that would be weird. 

And I don't ever do weird things (don't reread the beginning of this post).

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