Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 52

Day 52

Breakfast: green tea, eggs and a yogurt
Mid-afternoon snack: grapes
Lunch: NONE
Dinner: green tea, grilled chicken breast and sauteed onion, squash, and yellow pepper
Dessert: NONE

Another long day. Slept in as much as I could, then got up to study some more. I feel like the test went well, although I won't know my score for a while probably. Clinic was good. I found out who my kiddo will be next 8 weeks, so that's nice. My MIL was here when I got home and it was really good to see her.

I feel bad. I haven't done any kind of serious exercise since Saturday, and that was only Just Dance. I honestly have just been exhausted. I don't get home until late, and then I really don't feel like doing anything. And this week I haven't done anything but study each night. It wouldn't be a big deal, it's just that it's the last week of the competition and I wanted to try and do my best. I think that my best, for now, consists of taking care of school things and maintaining my sanity, however. So that is what I'll do.

Stay sane.


Dear God, thank you for giving me a husband who cleans the entire house for me before I get home. Forgive me for being a grump when there's absolutely nothing bad in my life. Amen.

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