Sunday, February 13, 2011

I am Bored

Well, Husband and I slept in this morning. We've both been studying since we woke up (he has a test tomorrow and I just needed to get caught up on reading and going over notes). I've officially reached the end of my notes and assignments and can no longer continue being an over-achiever. I've over-achieved all that I can for one day. So, I put together my shopping list for later today because, after all, it is Sunday and we know what that means. But, umm.. Now that's done, too.

Somehow both of us are feeling lethargic, even though we just woke up a couple of hours ago. Husband is attempting to remedy this by sitting at the dining room table (making himself less comfy and cozy) and drinking a lots of coffee. I'm not sure I want to remedy this, and may take a nap later. Maybe not.

All weekend I have been frantically and obsessively checking d2l for our posted test grades (from the two tests we had on Thursday). So far, no such luck. These are the two professors who are usually pretty prompt with grade posting, so I'm kind of wondering "what gives?" Hopefully they'll be up by tomorrow. I want to know where I stand, people!

Things I should probably do today:

  1. Go grocery shopping
  2. Take Puppy for a walk. 
  3. Go to Tan & Tone.
  4. Write our little cousin, Jace, a fun letter so he can get something in the mail (Who doesn't love getting mail?) while at the same time finally sending his mother our Biggest Winner contest money. 
  5. Straighten up the house.
  6. Get over this bad attitude I have today.
  7. Maybe take another walk with Puppy.
  8. Finish doing laundry.
  9. Vacuum the house.
  10. Collapse into bed.
Again, I say I should probably do these things, but I'm pretty sure I won't get around to them all (except for number 10.. I'm definitely doing number 10). I will let you know in my post later how I turned out in my goals. 

Right now I'm going to go color a picture for and write a letter to Jace, cos that sounds like more fun that anything else I could possibly do. 

Anybody else (or anybody else's children) needing some snail mail love these days? I remember getting incredibly giddy when I would receive something in the mail (wait.. I still get giddy!) so I'd be more than happy to send a little somethin'-somethin'. Just let me know!

1 comment:

  1. I've been checking the grades, too!! I wish they would hurry up! :) These first tests are so nerve wracking (sp?) because I feel like it sets you up for the whole semester.


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