Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm not Thinking about Food...

Day 33

Breakfast: green tea, 2 eggs, raspberry cheesecake yogurt
Mid-afternoon snack: a sliced golden delicious apple
Lunch: green tea, Chicken-Vegetable soup, and a sliced pear
Dinner: green tea, grilled turkey burgers and stir-fried cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, and green beans
Dessert: a Boston cream pie yogurt and a black cherry fruit bar

Man, it feels great to finally be Friday! After such a long, hard week, I was really needing a break.

Pahaha, just kidding.

I can't believe it's only Friday!! This is the longest weekend everrrrr!! And to think that it snowed again today AND that there might be more to come this weekend and next week. I may never get to go to class again!!!

Which would just be tragic, of course.

I'm actually in the midst of studying for my Voice Disorders test. It's not as painful as anticipated for a combination of reasons. 1) I've taken a Voice Disorders class before, in undergrad, and quite enjoyed it, 2) we only have 3 days of notes on this test, so it's not an exorbitant amount of information, and 3) as previously mentioned, I made a vow at the beginning of the semester to study after every class day the material covered and I've thus far been able to keep up... So everything I'm studying I've looked at several times before. I really am not feeling overwhelmed, which is a new thing for me.

Ummm, I need to share with you that my dog takes on a new personality when it snows. He becomes somewhat of a freak, in fact. I'm not sure if the snow makes him giddy, he's got cabin fever, or he's just going through a phase that happens to coincide with this ungodly weather... But it's gettin' on my last nerve! He whines incessantly to go outside. And let me say, this is not the first time inclement weather that has kept him indoors. We don't let him outside after a rain, of course, and he doesn't throw nearly as large of a fit as he has been the past few days. This dog LOVES the snow. It's decided. He's just silly. We'll take him outside to potty (which is what you get, dog, if you whine at the door!) and as soon as we bring him inside, he's back at the door whining again. So yesterday and today we just gave in and let him outside for a couple hours... Which I feel horrible doing because we don't have a doghouse for him and every inch of the yard is covered in snow, aside from the ramp. But it's what he wants! It's ridiculous. Oh, and not only his behavior regarding the outdoors is silly, but he's been licking "himself" a lot more than usual the past couple of days. He is fixed, by the way, and shouldn't be concerning himself with his nether-regions, but he's been paying them an awful lot of attention lately and it's starting to give me the skeevies.

Okay, enough about my dog's privates and outdoor antics.

Being in my house... For four days straight... Is making me... HUNGRY!!! Especially at this time of night (after dinner, usually beginning at around 7 or 8 PM). Around this time, all I can think about is... SNACK, FOOD, DRINK, CHINESE, SNACK, FOOD, DRINK, CHINESE.... It's cyclical and beginning to cause me anxiety, I believe. Watching Kitchen Boss isn't helping me any, either. Buddy, come cook me dinner!

I might be going a little nutty, and it's a darn good thing I have absolutely nothing junky in the house, or my diet would be kaput.

By the way, Husband's back at work tonight, and I'm left guarding the homestead. Sigh... I sincerely and wholeheartedly HATE night shifts. I am blessed to have a dedicated, hard-working husband though, so for that, I will stop complaining and go back to studying and anxiously thinking about all the food I can't have.

Like this:

PW's Penne a la Betsy

And PW's macaroni and cheese

And PW's sesame noodles with sliced beef and snow peas in a ginger sauce 

And PW's apple dumplings with vanilla ice cream

And PW's pancetta and leek pasta

Or basically ANYTHING Pioneer Woman. She definitely doesn't accommodate the 17 Day Diet with her recipes, but I love her anyway. One day, Ree, we will be united again... One day...

Side Note: I can neither confirm nor deny that I look through my album of food made pre-diet and drool over my keyboard, each and every day. 

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