Thursday, June 2, 2011

He'll Always be "Puppy" to Us

Breakfast: eggs w/onion; yogurt; green tea
Mid-morning snack: apple
Lunch: 1/4 serving of chicken-vegetable soup (my stomach was queasy); green tea
Mid-afternoon snack: pear
Dinner: southwest chicken salad (minus the chicken and tortilla strips) and 2 club crackers from McDonald's
Snack: NONE
Exercise: 3+ mile walk; 30 minutes Wii Fit

Luke Puppy playing with his cousin, Brutus (not actually related)
This was when Luke was probably about 7-9 weeks old.
Luke Puppy playing with his cousin, Brutus, today.
He is now 1 year, 4 weeks, and 3 days old.

My, my.. How big you've gotten Luke Baby!

He just loves lake/pond weather! Jumps right in!
We had a good day. I spent the morning walking at my alma mater with the pooch while BDR was in class. We only walked 2.83 miles because the dang dog kept wimping out and being all tired and hot and stuff. *Scoffs* Mental note for next time: do not bring the dog. Although he loves Puppy Walks, I was literally having to coax him forward the last mile of our walk because he was so whiny about being hot. 

Note: We also took several (about 5-6) breaks for water... Just so you don't think I was torturing the poor pup.

Anyways, after the "walk" (or stroll, as Luke would have it)... We came back to the house, got showered (well, Luke skipped the shower), and headed down to Braylen's hometown to hang out with his dad and have him look at my car's A/C which is kaput. (Why does my car's A/C always break at the beginning of summer? This is not the first car this has happened to, just so we're clear). A/C's still broken, which is going to make me a very sad girl tomorrow and next week when I have to start driving back/forth from school again (which is 50 minutes away, one way). Oh well. Worse things have happened, that's without a doubt! 

I'm really finding "Made to Crave" (the book I mentioned the other day) to be such an inspiration. Fellow weight loss bloggers... I highly recommend it! It's giving me so many neat ideas to keep my focus on God instead of food! Definitely giving me back my motivation. It helped me out greatly tonight... There was pizza at my FIL's house that I was able to resist, and then we stopped at McDonald's afterwards to pick up dinner and I got a salad w/out all the good stuff (making it only 140 calories!) instead of the Angus Bacon and Cheese Burger w/large fries like I normally get (which is 1290 calories!!!!#@?%)&@#). I'm kind of sad I'm almost finished with the book, but I might just flip back to page one and start it again. I know this is definitely one I will be reading many times!! 

Anyways, I'm gonna go do my Wii Fit, which I haven't done in a few months b/c our Wii was broken. Woo hoo for new Wii's!!! 

'Night y'all! 

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  1. Hey, I just wanted to swing by since I saw you posted on my blog yesterday...on the goals post. I just wanted to let you know that I started my journey in the 240s and that I KNOW you can conquer yours. Just hype yourself out and do something to give you that little boost over 'em. It happened to me around the 200s and I was DYING, but I just wanted out of 'em so badly that I went bonkers to push myself. I KNOW you've got it in ya! Go, girl!

    Also, to answer your question, I have the posts numbered just by days so I can see how long it took me to complete my journey. I'd like to see goal by the end of this year and those numbers serve as a reminder to kick my butt into gear to do it. ;)


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