Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hello, Normalcy. Nice to See You!

Day 127

Breakfast: eggs and a yogurt
Mid-morning snack: NONE
Lunch: Angus Bacon and Cheese w/large fries
Dinner: NONE
Dessert: NONE

WOO HOO! My last (hard) final is over!! Haven't gotten a grade back yet, but at least it's out of the way! I have another one tomorrow, but it shouldn't be nearly as difficult as the ones that have already passed. Well, hoping anyways. After the test (which was at 8AM) I headed home, arrived at about 11:30, and then slept until around 1:30... It was heavenly!! No worries, no hurry.. Just rest! Ugh. So nice.

I decided today to rejoin the Biggest Loser (now called Biggest Winner) group that Braylen and I took part in in January and February. We made a lot of headway when we went through it the first time, and although I've lost ten pounds without it, I made so much more progress when I was in it. I didn't think a competitive group was a motivator for me, but apparently I need something to keep me going. I don't think it's the competition though, as much as the support and fellowship within the group. I'm hoping round 3 (or round 2, for me) will be just as helpful and successful as the first round! For me and for everyone else! Ready to shed some more pounds!

All this revelation came after the trip to Ronald's house, however. After rejoining the group and thinking a lot about how badly I wanted to get "back into the game", I decided to get my butt off the couch and go for a run, which I haven't done in so long because finals really and truly have got me singin' the blues on all other things productive (aside from studying). (Which reminds me.. It's been forever since I had mac & cheese...)

I just got back from the run. Literally.. I still have a little bit of stickiness goin' on (don't worry.. Braylen's not home, so the only one who's being repulsed by me is Luke... And he's not smellin' too fresh either). It started sprinkling about halfway through the run. At first I was a little alarmed ("What is this foreign wet stuff falling from the sky?!" Have I mentioned lately how dry we've been? I thought a bird shat on me... Excuse the language) but once I realized it was precipitation, I decided it was pretty darn refreshing. Especially with the wind... Such a nice way to cool off!

Breaking News: Braylen just texted me. He's locked in the bathroom at work because the door handle is broken. He has called a co-worker to try to jimmy the door open. I would panic and display some time of sympathy if I could stop laughing hysterically... Now back to regular programming.

For whatever reason, the drizzly air smelled like chlorine and crayons to me. Someone analyze that, please.

There have been very few times in my life where people have been so utterly revolting to me by their attitudes that they make me want to shut off all social networking ties (including, heaven help me, this blog) and talk to only the people I know have my best interests at heart. This evening has been one of those times. However, I will not become agoraphobic, I will try to not doubt myself and who I've become, and I will FB and blog to my heart's content, so help me...

That's all she wrote.

'Night y'all!

Breaking News Numero Zwei, after hours minutes of trepidation and nearly starving to death and suffering from dehydration, Braylen has broken out of the bathroom. The world can now take a collective sigh of relief. 

Le sigh...

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  1. Hilarious post about Braylen! Thanks for sharing. Hope you are feeling better about things now. Don't know the situation, but hopefully it has all been resolved. I'd be tempted to join your Biggest "Winer" thing if my ankle wasn't completely messed up right now. I'll have to wait until I can run again!


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