Friday, February 18, 2011

Game Night #1

Day 46

Breakfast: green tea, 4 egg whites, 2 strips of turkey bacon
Mid-afternoon snacks: raspberry cheesecake yogurt and a banana
Lunch: turkey, cheese, lettuce, and mayo wrap and an orange
Dinner: handfuls of baby carrots, cheddar and cheddar jack cheeses, ham, turkey, and grape tomatoes
Dessert: 2 small black bean brownies

What a great day! It would be weird to talk about school after having such a significantly better time afterwards, so I'm just going to skip it. I went, I sat, I took notes, and then I left (early, I might add.. Because the teacher wasn't there, so that was nice!).

A few weeks ago (actually, I think just last week?) the first year grad girls decided to get together for a game night. I don't think any of us expected nearly that many of us to actually come, but we were only missing a small handful (and you were missed, ladies!). And I told you that so you wouldn't be lost when I told you about the rest of my day...

After school I headed down to Norman to Target to pick up a few things for the par-tay. (I went to Target on purpose because I had a gift card leftover from the wedding (yes, it's taking me this long to go through our gift cards) and wanted to spend it instead of the zero amounts of money in our bank account. (Note: you have to pronounce Target, "Tar-zhay" to really get the full effect of how I'm talking in my head. Umm.. It's 1:05 AM, also. Okay, bye. End note.) I bought my cheese/meat tray and Diet DP and then headed over to Jordyn's for game night! Of course I got there two hours early because I didn't want to go all the way home to Chickasha, but thankfully Jordyn didn't mind, ha. And ummm... I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves at this point:

The whole group congregating in the kitchen.. 
(Don't worry, girls.. I'll post these on FB also so they're bigger.)

The yummy pink lemonade that Jessica made.
(I know it was yummy because I had an itsy-bitsy teeny-tiny taste.)

The fruit platter/fruit dip and two different brownies.
(The black bean brownies are the one over the red lid at the bottom.)

All of the amazingly delicious-looking dips I desperately wanted
to try but resisted. I hear they were delicious.
Le sigh...

And the spinach dip Stephanie made I really wanted to taste.
Double le sigh...
Oh... and Erin's upside-down bunny ears, which some might
refer to as a "peace sign," but that's not how we roll.

Beverages (alcoholic and non-)
And neon straws, because what group of SLP fully
grown women don't use neon bendy straws to drink from?

The half of the game circle from where I was sitting. 
I think this was before starting Taboo.

Katie's feet were clenched because she was so nervous
when it was her turn. I took a picture because it was pretty hilarious.

I like this picture because I have no idea what Lisa's saying,
but Sharon thought whatever it was was really funny.

How SLP graduate students open a wine bottle:

Telestrations is one of the most fun games I've played in a long time.
The concept is that one person has a word, draws a picture, passes it to the next
person, who writes what they think the picture is, then passes it to the next person
who draws the word, and so one. Like a different version of telephone. 

The word was "sling shot" and somehow this:

Became this:

The first drawing is supposed to be David shooting Goliath with a sling shot. However, Mandy thought it was someone giving a sacrifice to God. So she wrote the word "sacrifice," and the bottom picture was produced (by me, I might add). I thought it was pretty sacrificial-looking. Lisa especially liked the bended knee part. 

Best Lines of the Night:
  1. During Catch Phrase, when Lisa said "Not a pen, but a...." And Crystal shouted "HO!" cos she thought Lisa had said "Not a pimp, but a...". 
  2. During Catch Phrase, when Lisa's target word was "rocket engine" and everyone got "rocket" based on what she said, and Mandy yelled out "POCKET ROCKET!" 
  3. When, immediately after that, Crystal said... "But does it really go in your pocket?" 
  4. How, before each of her turns, Casey would scoot up to the edge of the couch and calmly say "Okay..."
  5. When it was Lauren's turn and the target phrase was "fat free", and the clues she chose to use were "what we shouldn't eat" and "Martin Luther King, Jr." 
I'm sure there are tons more, but it's almost 1:30 and my brain is dead. (Ladies, if you think of more, leave a comment here or on FB, and we can laugh about it again!)

I had an amazing time.. I'm so blessed to have such fun and encouraging ladies to spend time with both inside and outside of class/clinic. Now I am home, and my eyes are tired. I had every intention of doing a quick Wii Fit workout, but ummmm... Not gonna happen. I was fine until I sat down. 

Plus Puppy's giving me The Look. I think it's potty time then bed! 

Thanks to all my friends for bringing some extra light into my week! 
You all are such an inspiration and I'm so happy to know you!

PS. I tried so hard to stick to the diet and, for the most part, I did. I had too many pieces of turkey and ham off the meat platter and one too many small pieces of brownie.. But, overall, I think I held it together alright. It was really hard not trying all the different dips for the chips. They all looked so good. But you know you can never have just one chip, and I didn't think I could stop once I started. Sigh.. Maybe one day!


Dear God, thank you for blessing me with such wonderful friendships, and forgive me for doing a mental victory dance when classes let our early. Amen.

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  1. This was so good! Thanks for being the class secretary and recording the minutes of our first game night:)


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