Saturday, February 5, 2011

Last Day of Cycle 2!

Day 34

Breakfast: green tea, raspberry cheesecake yogurt with 1/2 cup low fat granola.
Mid-afternoon snack: a sliced pear and DDP
Lunch: green tea, chicken and brown rice stir-fry (cauliflower, broccoli, corn, and carrots)
Dinner: grilled burger patty, caramelized onions in lime juice and 2 Truvia packets, and sweet potato fries
Dessert: yogurt

Man, oh man. I'm coming off of a high from dinner still, so you'll have to excuse me. It was EXCELLENT tonight. I'm very pleased. I've never made or eaten sweet potato fries before, so it was a pleasant surprise! Ah heck, I may as well show ya what it looked like:

The dipping sauce in the picture, sadly, did not get eaten. I found the recipe in another blog and thought it looked good, and it is alright.. But the fries were just better plain! I'll probably try eating the dip with veggies or something. 

In addition to a great dinner, it was a pretty great day, overall! I got to sleep in with my honey once he got home this morning, and then spend the afternoon with him once he got up. I think he woke up sometime around 1 or 2 maybe? He wanted to go for a jog so I said I'd go with him. 

Why do I do these things? 

I ended up walking most of the time. I jogged some, but not nearly as much as he wanted to. It's just incredibly difficult to try to jog (in the slush and snow, no less!) when you're carrying around an extra 130 lbs! Sigh.. One day, hopefully, I'll be able to match him, stride for stride. Until then, I was happy to jog when I could and keep my heart rate up with a quick walk in between. I can be happy with that, for the time being, but I probably won't make him let me go with him again. I could tell he wanted to run more, and I'm just not up for it yet. One day!

I've been reading a lot of blogs and crafty/cooking websites over the past few days and have found some I'm really liking! Most of them I've come across through some of my friend's blogs and posts, so thank you! It's really gotten me thinking that my kitchen is in dire need of some reorganization. Of course, we weren't given much to start with in that kitchen, but I need to do some reorganizing to really maximize what potential it does have. I'm hoping to get a little guidance from my lovely, talented, extremely organized MIL along the way. I wish we had the money to just gut it and change it all, but unfortunately, that's just not happ'nin'. 

Also, I'm in a crafty mood lately. What gives? I need to have a baby so I can make this for his/her room.

Oh, puppy has been extraordinarily adorable today. From letting us sleep in this morning, to willingly lying in his crate this evening.. I've thoroughly enjoyed his company! I realized, after I was finished cooking dinner tonight, that I hadn't seen Puppy in a while, and I couldn't remember putting him in his crate, but that was the only place he could've been, so I went to check. Yep, there he was... In our bedroom, lying on his bed in the crate, with the door wide open.. Just looking up at me with those puppy dog eyes that were saying "Need somethin', momma?" 

Sigh... I need to have a child so I can stop obsessing over my dog.

We had our weekly cheat treat today... diet drinks from Sonic! Yum! I had a DDP, of course, and Bray had a diet cherry limeade. 

(Still looking forward to Valentine's Day dinner... mmmm, I can smell the egg rolls now!)

Working on my shopping list tonight for the trip to Crest tomorrow.. Looks like I'll probably be spending quite a bit. But at least Husband got paid this week! So looking forward to buying foods for Cycle 3 (which starts tomorrow)!!!

Pasta and bread, here we come!!!

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