Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day: Part Four

Day 32

Breakfast: green tea, omelet with feta cheese and tomatoes, and a strawberry yogurt mixed with 1/2 cup low fat granola
Mid-afternoon snack: a sliced cameo apple
Lunch: green tea, black bean turkey chili, an orange
Dinner: green tea, grilled pork chops and green beans
Dessert: white chocolate strawberry yogurt and a fruit bar

Another day at home with the husband. The last one, in fact, because he goes back to work tomorrow (booooo hissssssssss!). I'm hoping nothing tragic happens while he's gone, but I'm sure as soon as he leaves the power will go out, the water pipes will freeze, my dog will become a pupsicle, and I'm going to have a panic attack.

Okay, not really.

In all reality, I'm actually somewhat looking forward to having some alone time because I have two tests next week (that were supposed to be this week, but due to weather had to be postponed) and I haven't seriously studied for either. I'm hoping this weekend I can catch up on that. Hopefully. Maybe. Possibly?

Oh, food pictures...

Breakfast. It was my first time to ever make 
and omelet, and I have to say, I'm pretty
darn proud of how they turned out!
Oh, and excuse the paper and plastic... We're lazy in the morning.

Lunch: Had to make a few substitutions to the original
recipe, but it still was great. REALLLY spicy, but great.

Dinner: One word: YUM.

Oooooopsie, I forgot to do my exercise today. Sigh... I'll try to make up for it tomorrow. Maybe. 

Braylen teasingly informed me about an hour ago that he ordered ONE of my Valentine's Day gifts (indicating that there are more than one). I am very excited. Oh, and he also informed me that I don't have to get him anything, but I do owe him a shoulder and back rub. I think I can handle that. Much cheaper than the laptop I was planning on getting him. 

(Just kidding, honey.)

Well, time for bed (if I'm still welcome there). Goodnight!

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