Tuesday, March 8, 2011

100th Post Contest!

Day 65

Breakfast: green tea, Kefir smoothie
Mid-afternoon snack: grapes
Lunch: green tea, turkey chili, and an orange
Dinner: NONE
Dessert: yogurt

Let me start out by saying that my husband is very forgetful. Very forgetful. I'm talking multiple times a week we search our house, cars, and frequently public places to find either his wallet, keys, or phone. I'm not making fun.. Just stating the facts. It happens, I've gotten used to it. We always find what he's misplaced, and all is right in the Rogers household again. It's strange that things are never permanently lost, but I'm not one to complain about good fortune. Today is no different than one such day. My lovable, sweet, adorable husband left his wallet in Walmart... At 8 AM this morning. And he didn't realize it was gone... Until 5 PM this evening. (This also happens frequently... The not noticing something's missing until the next time you go to use it, which is often many many hours later.) Anyways, he had to go to work so I was left to search the house. It wasn't found and he couldn't find it once he researched his truck at work. So he asked me to call Walmart. I called and after being put on hold for several minutes, they fortunately (thanks God!) told me that they had it and it could be picked up at the Customer Service desk. This was said after I informed the woman I was his wife(this is important later). So I changed out of my pajamas and made the trek to our local neighborhood Wally World. I waited in line for about five minutes at the customer service desk, only to be told that only he could pick it up since it's his wallet.

Here's the thing. I completely understand that that's their company policy. And I actually think it's a GREAT policy to have. But it really made me angry for one HUGE reason: They could have told me that on the stinkin' phone. I told her that I was his wife and that I was coming by to pick it up on the phone. She knew it was me! Why not mention that little tidbit of information before I waste my time going over there? And what made it even worse is that try as I might.. I couldn't think of a darn thing we needed from Walmart to even make the trip seem semi-worth it! 

Oh, I was basically fuming when I left the counter. In fact, I got a little teary-eyed (I hate that that's a symptom of my anger). 

Anyways, I'm home now and I'm (slightly) over it. 

Which leads me to this...

This is my one hundredth blog post, wooo hoooo!! I'm not quite sure how to celebrate this appropriately. I thought about throwing a party, but that just seems a little too extreme. And yet just mentioning it seems a little too weak. So here's what I've decided to do... I want to see how many of you are actually reading. I'm going to have a contest. There will be a prize. Not sure exactly what this prize will be yet, but it will be good!

So to enter, leave me a comment (either on here or on FB) describing your worst Walmart experience. I will accept comments until 8 PM tomorrow (around the time when I usually try to update the blog). At this time I will put all commenters' names into a drawing for the prize. The winner and their prize will be announced on the following blog (which will be on Thursday, March 10th). 

Happy commenting! I look forward to hearing your stories!

And thanks for making these 100 posts fun and worthwhile to write!


  1. hey what up suga pie hunny bunches of oats. :) This is my entry for a prize. If i win, i get to see you this summer

  2. This isn't a Walmart story, just a helpful suggestion story. Make a copy of everything in yours/his wallet, front and back of all cards that you carry. Just in case...

  3. Oh, and walmart has done so much nastiness to me.. BOO! haha.. i actually dont even shop there anymore

  4. Can't think of anything that awful, but it annoys the crap out of me when they keep moving stuff around so I can't find it!

  5. Hmmm...my first day after Thanksgiving shopping experience at a Walmart in Lincoln Nebraska. It was freezing (literally) and once I got past all the pushing and hair pulling. I couldn't seem to find anything I was looking for. Guess thats my craziest experience :)

  6. She's exaggerating Just ask my mother. She'll vouch for me!

  7. Yikes! I can't think of a crazy Wal-mart story - except that every trip there ends up lasting me about 5x the amount of time it should and 5x the expense b/c I find so many more things I "need". Boo. Congratulations on your 100th post!! ;)

  8. HA! yea... I got the 'walmart' luck, I think. You know... if it weren't for bad luck there'd be none at all kind of thing. haha. Actually been assaulted Twice- Inside the store! First time led to a fight, and atm I'm gathering numbers/resources because the police won't pull the security cam vids. Wal-Mart is my worst enemy... and only friend when it comes to saving a little bit of money on our necessities. hahaha

  9. i have two. both very traumatic but i find them pretty amusing so i'll share both....

    traumatic story one..

    i was in middle school. goofy looking. back in the day when i wore a pony tail so tight it looked like i had a facelift.. it must have been in august cuz we were buying new shoes (a yearly tradition in the littau house) so you can imagine the pack of the five of us trying to find shoes. normally i would wander and find what i wanted and bring them back to mom for the thumbs-up... in the next aisle there was a group of guys. they were older, probably high school and in all black. i tried to ignore them by turning toward the shelf and pulling out an appealing pair of shoes. i could hear someone behind me clearing their throat... so i turn around and this guy is down on one knee.. he says miss, i couldn't help but notice how pretty you were and i just have a question for you, will you marry me?
    i turned bright red and hurried to the next aisle. needless to say, the following year i didn't wander through the aisles for shoes lol

    traumatic story two...
    this one is shorter. but probably worse lol
    i was wandering walmart (the weirdest things happen to me when i do this) waiting for some friends to get off work and got a call. so im on my phone and need to use the bathroom so i go up to the front of the store completely distracted by my conversation and go into the bathroom. nobody is in there. i pass the sinks. and stalls. and urinals. and walk into a stall and (still on the phone) do my thing and wash my hands and walk out... as i came out a group of people walk by and chuckle at me. i look behind me to see what they are laughing at.. the only thing behind me was the men's bathroom sign.

    i used the men's restroom at walmart.

    haha life is weird.


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