Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cry For Help & BC Pills

Breakfast: yogurt
Lunch: turkey and swiss panini with french fries
Dinner: chips & white queso, vegetable quesadillas w/rice and beans

Alright, so my diet wasn't good today or yesterday or the day before or the day before. I've kind of been in a slump lately. For many reasons excuses. One is that money has been very tight lately and studying for tests has been abundant... So my ability to grocery shop has been zilch. Fortunately, I can always count on Husband to take a trip and buy essentials, but we still miss out on our regular routine of healthy eating when I can't make the big trip. Another thing is... I haven't seen the inside of a gym in three weeks. I'm ashamed to admit it, but the truth has to be said. Excuses: Zero energy and no motivation to go when I actually get a spare 45-60 minutes before the gym closes at 9PM (aka, my lovely, incredible, much-anticipated bedtime).

I'm in a rut, y'all. I need some help. I have no idea what will happen on the scale tomorrow. I haven't given up and I don't feel horrible guilty about myself (because I know "this is a marathon, not a sprint") but I just need to snap out of it.

If for anything, because I still want to have lost 30 lbs by my next ob/gyn appointment in April. Because that little baby we want to have sometime in the next few years deserves a happy and healthy momma. Because my husband deserves to have a happy and healthy wife to share the rest of his life with. Because I deserve to have a happy and healthy life with my husband and our family.

Speaking of our family and babies and such... Taking a birth control pill every day is not the terrorizing pain in the butt experience I anticipated it might be. It's actually not bad at all. I'm not having any side effects (that I'm aware of) and I haven't missed a single pill (thanks to an alarm I set on my cell phone to go off every night at 9PM reminding me to take it). I can happily say I <3 BC pills, and I never thought I'd see the day that would happen.

And now I will begin a Teen Mom 2 marathon, because I'm apparently three episodes behind and that's ridiculous.

'Night y'all!


  1. LOVE teen mom 2, the last 3 eps surprised the hell outta me!

    You can totally get back in the swing of things and baby is great motivation, the healthier you are the easier the pregnancy!

    I'm about to do bc for the first time myself, but I opted for the IUD since I can't remember much with the kiddos :)

    1. I just started the season finale now. I knew Corey and Leah were getting divorced long before now because of all the tabloid hype, but I was trying to hold out hope that maybe they were all wrong. I'm really disappointed in how quickly they gave up. Infidelity is without question a horrible decision, but it was not within their marriage and to divorce without counseling or putting any work in to fix the problem just seems premature to me. But wow, did I really just type a paragraph about my feelings Leah and Corey's relationship? ha.

      I always wanted an IUD, but prior to my marriage I wasn't sexually active, so the doctor didn't recommend the one I wanted (Mirena). I used the depo provera shot for about a year and a half or so and had no issues with it at all (other than remembering to order in and pick up the prescription). I was off the shot from about September until the middle of January because we thought we wanted to try for a baby. We've since decided to wait a little bit (so I can lose the weight I need to) so I'm back on BC... This time on Beyaz BC pill. So far, so good! I was worried about forgetting it, too, because I've never had to take regular pills, but I keep it in my purse and as soon as my alarm goes off at 9PM every night I drop whatever I'm doing and take it.

  2. Never seen Teen Mom. Probably because I have some white-trash cousin that I can see first hand. Um, yeah!
    Anyway, I've only been doing this weight loss thing for a little over a month now. I've never had to do it before but it's harder than I thought. I pity the poor folks that I used to give advice to when in reality, I knew nothing.
    It's good that you have this forum to get your frustrations out.
    Keep going!

    1. Yeah, some of the characters on that show are all too familiar.... YIKES!

      Losing weight is dumb. I pretty much hate it. But when it's all said and done, hopefully we will have some kick ass (healthy) bodies to show for it? We shall see!

      Thanks for the encouragement!


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