Monday, March 28, 2011

The Dress

Day 85

Breakfast: eggs w/onion and salsa and a yogurt
Mid-afternoon snack: banana
Lunch: grilled chicken strips, bell peppers, and onion
Dinner: romaine and spinach salad with grape tomatoes, feta cheese, and honey mustard vinaigrette and a crunchy taco from Taco Bell (Bray gave me his extra from his lunch)
Dessert: yogurt

I can't make too long of a post today because I'm just on a break from studying. My next test is on Wednesday and because I have an event to go tomorrow for my BIL I won't be able to study as much tomorrow... Gotta cram it all in tonight!! Hopefully my brain won't explode! I will say that at least some of it is starting to make sense in my head, but not sure it will all be ready for Wednesday, unfortunately. I was hoping to make another A on this test, but at this point, I would be happy with anything above a C!

I guess the only news that I have is that when I weighed in this morning (much to my surprise and excitement) I was 4.8 lbs less than last week!! So I'm currently 248.6 lbs. This is important to me for two reasons 1) I'm under 250, hallelujah!! and 2) I finally made it passed the 40 lbs lost mark after having fudged up the past few weeks with my bad eating habits! Today is a good day, if only for that accomplishment. It's exciting to me that I can feel when I've lost weight now. All this past week I've felt smaller, which sounds weird but I can't explain it any better than that. I can usually tell when I'm going to have a good loss, and this week was no different. Hoping I can keep it up this week, as we transition into the third cycle (today is day 17 of the second, so we begin the third cycle tomorrow!!! Looking forward to wheat pita, bread, and pasta!!).

Still waiting on my jean size to go down. Can you believe it... 40 lbs lighter and over 6 inches of overall loss and my jean size hasn't budged at all. I can't say it's discouraging, because I feel like I look better in my jeans than I did before (not to mention we don't have the extra cash to buy new clothes at the moment), but it would be nice to say I've lost sizes.. Not to mention nice to actually buy clothes in smaller sizes that fit. Sigh.. I suppose one day. I will say that I tried on a certain important dress yesterday (aka my wedding dress) for the first time since we took the day after pictures and I had quite a bit more wiggle room than I did when we got married!! That was pretty exciting to me.. Even if I never wear it again. Not many people can say that their wedding dress doesn't fit anymore because it's too big, and I'm excited to be included in that minority very soon!


Speaking of my wedding dress...

It's really pretty and I want to wear it everyday.

The End.


  1. Um, yeah it's pretty! Wear it to class! Also, when you want to buy new clothes, we'll go stay with my bf in Dallas and go to the consignment shops. She knows all the good ones!

  2. Congrats on being below 250! THAT IS SO EXCITING, Kaycie!


  3. It's a lovely dress and you looked beautiful wearing it. Congratulations on the new number!


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