Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Staying Active

Breakfast: NONE (slept in)
Lunch: chicken-vegetable soup
Dinner: romaine and spinach salad w/grape tomatoes, feta, 4 crushed fat free saltines, dried cranberries, and Italian dressing
Exercise: does cleaning/laundry all day count?

I knew as soon as I woke up this morning that my body pump class was not happening today. Monday's tightness was only amplified by hot yoga yesterday and today my muscles were screaming. It's painful to sit on the couch... There's no way I could've done lunges and squats with weights! But I still have my hot yoga class tomorrow and I will go to that. Hopefully it'll help me stretch out all these muscles. I just didn't want to go tonight and risk making it even worse.

Despite not going to an exercise class, I kept myself active all day. From the time I got up until now I've been doing things around the house. While my soup was cooking this afternoon I cleaned the kitchen (it needed it badly). Then I started tackling the laundry. I've been putting off doing towels for so long and now I can't remember why... They're the easiest to fold and take me 2 seconds to do. I'd much rather do ten loads of towels than half as many loads of shirts! So now the last load is in the dryer (thank goodness). Most important part of this story is that everything has been getting folded immediately. I don't have any issues getting clothes to the washer... It's getting them folded/hanging up that's the problem. So to have everything done is truly a miracle... Hasn't happened in months.

Meanwhile, as all of this is going on, I've been steadily trying to get ready for this weekend. I'm taking Husband on a weekend getaway, but he doesn't know where we're going or what we're doing... So I've had to try to cram all my planning/packing into these last couple days while he's out at work. I still need to go pick up a couple things tomorrow from the store, but otherwise I think I'm almost finished. I wish it wasn't a surprise so I could tell you all about it now because I'm really excited about it! It's something that I've never done before and we've certainly never done together. Very much looking forward to a weekend with my best friend! I will be bringing my camera, so hopefully I remember to take pictures (which has always been an issue for me, ha).

I felt thinner today. I just want that to be known. I love feeling changes. Love it when the gratification comes even before I look at the scale. Whether I've lost 5 lbs or not, I don't know yet, but I know I've made really good efforts this week, I didn't binge, I didn't emotionally eat, I stayed active, and my head is in the right place. In my opinion, this week is already a victory, no matter what the scale says!

'Night y'all!


  1. I love how you write that you feel thinner today. Because even before you step on the scale, you feel better about yourself, right?
    Okay, old question: Did you ever have a horrible eating weekend and then step on the scale and you're down a pound or two? And then, you starve yourself one day and you gain a pound? Or does that only happen to me? What's up with that?
    I'm down 5lbs by the way. It's not a huge deal like what you are doing but I'm happy still.
    Have a great weekend away and you BETTER take some photos!

    1. Yes!!! That has happened to me! There have been times when I eat junk all weekend and then still manage to have lost. If it's just that weekend you ate poorly, it's probably just your metabolism going into overdrive. That's why I do still have Ice Cream Sundays because I know a little indulgence won't make a difference and actually might wind up doing me some good. I used to starve myself as means of "dieting" and that just doesn't work. Well, it will for a couple weeks, and then your body holds on to everything left in it. Really trying to change my thinking to moderation + treating myself every now and again.

      CONGRATULATIONS on 5 lbs!! That's an incredible accomplishment!! And I'm glad that YOU are happy with what you've done, because that's what's most important and what will keep you going!

      I will do my very best to take pictures. I was just thinking this morning... I should probably pack my camera NOW to make sure I don't forget it (which happens often, ha). Thank you!!

      You have a great weekend too, friend!

    2. Did you pack that camera? Do it now!
      Okay, thanks for getting back to me. I really thought that I was going crazy.
      Yesterday, I was wearing some pant that I liked but never was able to get into. I bought them anyway because they were cheap. ha! But yes, I got in them and they actually buttoned. How about that!
      Thanks Girl!


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