Thursday, March 10, 2011


Day 67

Breakfast: green tea, eggs, yogurt
Mid-afternoon snack: red grapes
Lunch: 2 chicken strips, sliced apple, carrot sticks
Dinner: turkey chili
Dessert: yogurt

I really dislike that the thing I noticed the most today is how little people are willing to lend support, compassion, and empathy to one another. Over and over again today it was apparent how closed off people are to help one another or cut each other a break. I don't want to elaborate and I don't want to rant, I just really feel emotionally drained from today. Not only because of how disappointed I was in a few people, but also from the past two weeks of constant studying. The midterms are over, and I can breathe a sigh of relief... for now.

I can already tell that Spring break is going to go by in a heartbeat.


  1. Baby I completely understand how today was not the brightest of days. But I hope it didn't damage your faith in people. I need you to be my balance. I am a cynical person with a Hobbesian view of people. Thats why you and I complement each other so well. I want you keep your positive view of life and make sure I don't lose track of the good that is part of everyday life.

  2. I swear your blog is my favorite out of all the blogs I follow. I think I can relate to you more than anyone else. I don't know what you experienced here exactly but I have been having some similar problems with people in my life. And I'm always the first to help them or just be there for them. So when they don't seem to care or want to help me it really hurts. But we just have to try and focus on the positive and steer clear of the negativity. Sorry you had such a bad day! Tomorrow has got to be better! :)

  3. Holy smokes, I just realized I don't know your name!! ha.

    Anyways, WOW thank you so much for your comment. It is so nice to know someone else is going through the same things (and overcoming them!!). Reading your blog has been an inspiration and I love that we can share these things and our experiences with one another!

    Today IS better. Thank you!


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