Friday, March 16, 2012

Getting in Gear and a Solo Pup Update


As much excitement that I have about having nine days of no alarm clock wake-ups ahead of me... I have just as much dread about spending every waking moment doing one of three things: 1) studying for my comprehensive graduate school test and the Praxis exam, 2) exercising, or 3) eating healthy and delicious foods that fit my diet but don't satisfy my cravings.

Despite dreading these things, I know if I manage to do all three successfully, I will benefit in the long run.

Sunday BDR and I are jump-starting our diet/exercise routines and getting back in gear. I've been off track since the last round of Biggest Loser ended (on March 2nd) and haven't been able to get started since this round started a week ago today. I'm not the kind that can ease my way into dieting... I have to set a date ahead of time and get my mind ready beforehand. Otherwise I'll just ease my way right back out of eating healthy. So we decided a few days ago that Sunday is the day (we had to wait until after his paycheck came in and the mortgage went out before we could go grocery shopping) it will all start again. Every since that decision I've been eating anything/everything I come into contact with. It's kind of embarrassing. I gained 1.8 lbs in the past week since we started this round of BL... And I was shocked to not gain more!

Anyways, point being, it's starting again on Sunday. Sunday's the day. I've been chanting that to myself the past few days (and telling the girls at work so they hold me to it) in hopes that it sticks. SUNDAYYYY! Sunday Funday. It's all happening!

It's actually coming at a great time because having this next week off for Spring Break will give me time to get back on track with exercising as well. I've been going to yoga class every Thursday for the past month, and that's great, but it's all I've been doing... So I need to figure out what to do the rest of the days of the week. It's really hard when I'm interning and going to class, but this week I don't have those excuses. Hopefully if I go often enough I'll build up enough of a habit that it'll carry over into the following week, when I go back to school/work. We'll see!


I need to update you on our tan Solo pup that we were fostering. "Were" being the key word there. =] 

On Friday (the day after we took in Solo) I called my dad to tell him this dog was made for him. He's been bugging us about letting him have Leia since we got her (because she's just so damn cute and loveable... But ALLLLLLL mine, ain't gon' happen, Daddy!) so when this sweet pup came to stay with us and we got to know him, I realized how perfect he would be for my dad. So I called him and before he even met Solo he was already saying YES, I want him. My mom, on the other hand, would take some convincing. I brought Solo to meet her on Sunday, and despite admitting how incredibly adorable and sweet he was, she said she just didn't want a dog. However, my Opa (grandpa) suddenly had the urge to adopt! Anyways, I went home, called my dad, apologized in failing my mission,, and told him he needed to pray. I told him I intended to fervently pray that Solo would find a home and that he should do the same. 

The next morning he texted me and told me that Mom changed her mind. I called him immediately and asked what the heck. Apparently, Opa kept talking to her about wanting to meet Solo and possibly adopt him. Now, my Opa and Oma are in their 80s. Physically and emotionally, they do not need to be worrying about caring for a dog and all the responsibilities and work that entails. According to my mother, Opa's requesting to adopt the dog is what caused her to change her mind... Because if her and my dad adopt him, Opa can't. This way, he can still see Solo all the time (since my parents live 2 miles down the road from my grandparents) but doesn't have to actually be responsible for him. Oh, and my dad gets his loveable companion he's been bugging me for. 

My mom thinks it was Opa's insistence that changed her mind. 
I believe otherwise. 

Prayer works, people.

So they made the decision on Monday, went shopping for dog necessities on Tuesday, and my mom came to pick him up on Wednesday. I have been praying my parents would take him since we realized we probably were going to have to adopt him out if we didn't decide to keep him. It's just an ideal situation for everyone involved: We get to see him every time we go home to visit so he'll be in our lives for years to come; Opa gets to interact with a very sweet dog and help take care of him in certain small ways (Mom was thinking of asking him to go over to take him out in the middle of the day while she's at work so they can have some bonding time each day and he can have a "job" to do); Dad gets a new best friend; and Solo pup gets a home. 

Oh, by the way, his name is no longer Solo... He is now Cooper! I've been calling him Solo in this post so you all would know who the heck I'm talking about, ha.

The smile on my dad's face nearly makes me tear up. I love this picture so much.

I hadn't intended on making a long post, but look at that... I just did! 

Hope those of you that have a Spring Break enjoy it thoroughly. And those of you who will be working through it, God bless you. 

'Night y'all!

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