Sunday, March 20, 2011

Regaining Focus

Day 77

Breakfast: NONE
Mid-afternoon snack: yogurt
Lunch: chicken-vegetable soup w/brown rice and a banana
Dinner: spoonfuls of different foods at a potluck dinner
Dessert: black bean brownie and a mint chocolate brownie

Okay, I'm making a decision, here and now, that I've got to refocus on this diet. The past two weeks we've kind of slacked off, and tomorrow when I weigh-in, I'm 100% positive I will have gained from last week. That is not okay with me at all. Braylen may be finished, but I still have 100 lbs to lose, and I don't want to be on this diet for 10 years! I want to be finished by the time I graduate from grad school so that I'll be good and ready to have a baby. I know this is going to take longer than I planned, but if I buckle down and focus.. Maybe I can get through it faster! I just have to stop giving myself as many breaks. Every once in a while, it's okay... But when you're finding excuses multiple times a week to sneak a treat... Doesn't really amount to much weight loss. I know I can do this... I just need to focus! 

Speaking of focus, I got zero school work done this break. Sigh. I'm just happy that my house is in order and better than ever. I really needed to work on it and it makes me feel ten times better now that it feels more like a home than an apartment (not that there's anything wrong with apartments... ). 

I bought two new dresses and a shirt today and, for once, trying things on made me feel amazing. I'm fitting much better into everything now, and it's really encouraging!

Hope those of you who had a Spring break had a great time and are refreshed and ready to get back to school/work!


Dear God, thank you for ceiling fans and Spring breezes. Help me find motivation and excitement about returning to school tomorrow. In Your name, Amen.

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