Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 63

Day 63

Breakfast: NONE
Mid-afternoon snack: NONE
Lunch: green tea, taco salad, yogurt
Dinner: Romaine and spinach salad with grape tomatoes and feta cheese
Dessert: yogurt

Another day of sleeping in after another night of staying up late. I'm hoping tonight I can get to bed at a reasonable time so I don't start the week out miserable. I didn't study at all so far today (like I had hoped I would) but I did clean the kitchen and started laundry, so I guess the day wasn't a total loss.

I'm scared about weigh-in tomorrow. I doubt I've lost any weight.. I'm just praying I didn't gain anything! Besides McDonald's on Monday and TX Roadhouse on Friday, I followed all the rules and actually was a little more strict than even the rules suggest. BUT I didn't do any workouts this week, so I'm feeling kinda crummy about that. It's difficult for me to find motivation during the week because by the time I get home from school, cook, clean up, and eat.. I have an hour or two before I go to bed. On a weekend, I have no problem using that hour or two to workout, but when it's the week before midterms, I either want to use that hour to study (not likely) or use it to veg (likely).

I'll breathe a sigh of relief once this week is finished.
It will be a small sigh, because we have a test right after Spring break, but a sigh nonetheless.


Dear God, thank you for giving me a day of rest. Please help me to regain my focus, both in school and in exercise. Amen.


  1. Hope you feel well rested and off to a good start this week! I love your prayers at the end of your posts. I need to fig out how to do that.

  2. Thanks, I am feeling better!

    All I do is draw a line with the underscore button pressed down repeatedly and then type the prayer in italics. ha. Nothin' fancy on this blog, that's for sure!

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Haaa! I often make things more complicated than they really are :) Thanks & Congrats on your weigh-in today- Yaay!


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