Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Freckle Face

Breakfast: green tea, a scrambled egg with 2 scrambled egg whites and a squirt of reduced sugar ketchup
Mid-afternoon snack: white chocolate strawberry yogurt and a sliced pear
Lunch: salad with grape tomatoes and a sliced golden delicious apple
Dinner: green tea, turkey chili
Dessert: red velvet cake yogurt

CELEBRATION.. It's day 17!!!!! So excited we've made it through the first cycle! It seems like so long ago that it started and then again it sometimes feels like just yesterday. We are both so excited about what's to come in the next 17 days (and beyond, of course).

A few of the new foods we're looking forward to in this next cycle include:

  • Shellfish (which I won't be eating, but Bray will probably eat shrimp)
  • Pork
  • Cream of wheat
  • Oatmeal
  • Beans (black, garbanzo, great northern, kidney, lima, navy, pinto, and soy)
  • Peas (green, split, and black-eyed)
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Spaghetti squash
(Can you tell the ones I'm most excited about?)

The 2nd cycle is called Activate. It's supposed to reset your metabolism so that the body stays in fat-burning mode, so says the book. The way it works is you alternate the cycle 1 menu with the 2nd cycle... one day is cycle 1 and the next day is cycle 2 and so on. "In a nutshell, this means alternating low-calorie days with higher-calorie days in order to lose body fat." - Dr. Mike Murano.

I'm very excited! I hope that the weight continues to come off, as the book assures.

Clinic was today, and all went well. In fact, too well. Thinking my kiddo may need to graduate already, he's so brilliant. We'll see what the supervisor thinks about that, though!

Oh, and my class today went well, also. No notes to study tonight cos all he did was ramble. Woo hoo!

I didn't work out again today. My excuse is lame, but it's all I have: I got to school four and a half hours early (at 8:30 AM) so that I would have plenty of time to get ready for clinic before my class at 1 PM. Then after the session I was finishing up my report and talked to a supervisor and a friend. I didn't make it home until past 6 because of rush hour traffic and Husband had dinner waiting on the stove. So, you see, I couldn't leave without risking mental and emotional harm on my poor husband who had spent his whole day alone and missing me... So much so that he cleaned the kitchen AND cooked dinner ON HIS DAY OFF. I couldn't bear (bare?) to leave him to go to Tan & Tone so... I skipped it. Oopsie. Sue me for being too attached to the love of my life.

Besides, I parked far away in the student lot today to allow for more walking (and cos the lot was almost full when I got there and there weren't any close open spots, ha) and took the stairs twice today (which, if you've taken the stairs at the College of Allied Health, you know those stairs are ridiculous). Not that it completes my 17 minutes of exercise I'm supposed to have per day, but I feel slightly less guilty. 

As a random side note... I've not yet gotten compliments about weight loss, because I have not lost enough weight to be noticeable (even though Husband swears he notices changes). However, over the past two days of being back at school I've gotten numerous comments about my hair. One professor went so far as to say "Your hair looks nice. You colored it, didn't you? It definitely is different!" Several others asked if I've gotten a hair cut. I'm not sure what the hub-bub is about.. All I've done is straighten it, which is not the first time, but I'll take any amount of self-esteem boosters I can get! 

I think the best compliment I got though was from my child in therapy.
After looking me over for a moment, he lovingly said, "You have lots of freckles on your face!"
(and he produced the /k/ in freckles, by the way)

I love children.

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