Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 3

Another successful day of dieting. Before I get into that, I have to tell you that our dog is having sympathy body changes. Since the first cycle of this diet helps to cleanse your body and get rid of excess water, Husband and I have been making frequent trips to the bathroom (TMI?). Well, for the past three days, since we started the diet, our dog has gone to the door to be taken out more than ten times a day (when he used to only "ask" to go out maybe 4 or 5 times) and peed inside two times yesterday (after having not had an accident in at least 4 months). Nothing has changed in the amount or times we feed him and give him water, he is just peeing and pooping more than he ever has before. He senses something is different... ha.

Anyways, Husband is back on night shifts again (boo, hiss) so our eating schedules will be completely wonky. I eat breakfast at about 9 or 9:30 AM and he eats at about 5 PM. Lunch for me is at noon, and he'll probably eat at around midnight. I ate dinner when he left for work at about 6 PM, and he'll eat when he gets home from work at about 7 AM the next day. See what I mean about the wonky? It's certainly not ideal, but I'm hoping we can make it work! So since our schedules are different, we'll often be eating different things (except for dinner, which I make for both of us). From now on, I'll only document what I eat, just to make things a little simpler.

And after all, it's all about me anyways, right?

Breakfast: lemon water, green tea, strawberry shortcake yogurt (are you kidding me with these amazing flavors?)
Mid-afternoon snack: sliced pear
Lunch: green tea, salad with cucumbers and tomatoes (olive oil/vinegar dressing), and a sliced pear (we just bought the pears and they sounded reallllllly good today)
Dinner: green tea, two grilled turkey patties (marinated in fat free chicken broth) and steamed mixed vegetables (cauliflower, sugar snaps, and carrots)
Dessert: strawberries and banana yogurt

All in all, it was a pretty great day. The past two days with Husband have been really nice, since he's been off work and we've gotten to spend them together. We've loved getting to cook together and then have dinner at the table. Not that we never did that before, it's just something we really love doing and haven't done in a while. I love spending time with him so much, and I'm really going to miss those times together in the upcoming semesters while he works nights full time so he can go to school in the daytime. He's superman, and I am continuously amazed by him. =]

Oops! Enough about that.

Oh, I forgot to say... The turkey patties today were great, but I was disappointed with the veggies. The two previous days we'd been marinating them all day and then grilling them. To go from that much flavor to just steamed was pretty blah. Next time, I'll probably not steam them and I'll saute them instead or something.

Also, I'm getting more and more used to the green tea. I wouldn't drink it voluntarily, by any means, but if I gulp it all down before each meal, it's really not so bad. Yay!

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