Saturday, January 15, 2011

Community Dog

I forgot to mention yesterday, in my state of bewilderment, that my dog officially belongs to the neighborhood. This is the second time in less than a week that our neighbors have taken advantage of my puppy's loving, obedient, adorable personality. And this time it was a DIFFERENT neighbor... Not even from the same house!!

I was standing on our kitchen's balcony yesterday in a fit of anger, taking a moment to breathe, and watched as a preteen neighbor who lives behind us called my dog, BY NAME, to the fence. She proceeded to have him follow the "sit" command several times and apologized that "Isaac isn't here to pet him this time."

Okay, now I know what you're thinking... Who cares if our neighbors love our dog? This should be a good thing! Ummm WRONG. First of all... Our neighbors should not know our dog's name if we don't know theirs. I know he wears a name tag and everything, but you shouldn't be getting near a strange dog, kid! Second of all... GET AWAY FROM MY DOG.

Oops, that was mean.

I'm overprotective, I know. It's just a kid, after all. However, it makes me feel completely disconnected from my dog, for some strange reason, that he knows people we don't. How many more strangers has he made friends with his charming and klutzy personality? I can't blame him.. He loves the attention. I just... AHHHH..

We need to build our privacy fence NOW.

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