Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Breakfast: green tea, Greek egg scramble
Mid-afternoon snacks: apple turnover yogurt, a sliced fuji apple
Lunch: green tea, salad with cucumbers, grape tomatoes, carrots, and spinach leaves, a sliced pear
Dinner: green tea, chicken stir fry with orange and yellow bell peppers, squash, and an onion
Dessert: strawberry yogurt

Pretty sure, because it's been so cold, I've gone into hibernation mode. Let me explain.. Husband gets home from work at about 6:20 AM and I've been getting up with him to make his dinner and to have my breakfast. We normally watch an episode of SVU with our meal and then go to bed. I'll sleep until about 10 or so, and of course he sleeps until much later since he just got off working 12 hours. Today, however, I guess I decided to be a bear. I woke up, as usual, around 10:30. Watched a bit of TV and ate lunch around 11:45. Then went right back to bed. I think I slept until about 1 something. Got up, watched more TV (I'm still on break people... Don't judge me) and went to bed AGAIN at about 3 something. We finally both got up at about 4:30. I made his breakfast and our dinner as he got ready and left. After I ate, I went to Tan & Tone, came home and did my workout DVD, showered, and now here I am! I probably won't be able to go to bed until really late tonight because I slept so much, but hey (!) it's still Christmas break.. I need to take advantage of napping and sleeping in while I can, right?

On a much more serious note... When looking out the back window this evening, I saw our neighbor directly behind us feeding Luke something over our fence. Now, this may not be a big deal to some, but I was completely caught off guard and felt pretty agitated. I'm sure he was just giving him scraps or something and he was smiling and talking with Luke, so I know he meant no harm... But we don't feed Luke scraps!! EVER! Ever, ever, ever! And I can't imagine feeling it'd be okay to feed someone else's dog without asking for permission. To add to that... I've never even MET those neighbors! So it's not like they know us and thought it would be okay... I've never even seen that guy until today! Ughhhh... Sorry for venting, it just really upset me. I brought Luke in immediately after the guy went back inside.

Moral of the story is: We need to build our privacy fence NOW. Cold weather, go away.

Now, I need your opinion. Am I crazy?

Okay, that wasn't the full question. HA

Today while cutting up bell peppers for the stir fry, I came across a pepper "bulb" (I don't know what else to call it?) inside. This is not the first time. I always just cut it out and throw it away.

Am I crazy that it makes me feel slightly bad for killing a baby pepper? ABORTING an unplanted and unutilized source of food?!

I'm probably thinking about it too much, huh?

Okay, goodnight!

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  1. Being a Doggie Parent myself, I would be absolutely furious if someone fed my baby their leftovers! Who knows what in the world he/she was feeding your poor dog. But anyways, enough about that. I have just read all your posts and their great! Thanks for sharing the recipes too. I will be following you guys. So keep up the good work and good luck with your diet! :)


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