Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beef, it's [soon to be] what's for dinner!

Breakfast: green tea, 4 scrambled egg whites
Mid-afternoon snack: a sliced golden delicious apple
Lunch: veggies and yogurt dip, a sliced pear
Dinner: green tea, grilled chicken and veggies
Dessert: haven't decided on a yogurt yet

Well, tomorrow is our last day on the first cycle. I cannot express how excited I am to expand our food choices in the next 17 days! I'll explain a little more about the additions once the time comes, but let me just say one thing... BEEF!!!

So first day back at school went seamlessly. I got up on time, got everything ready at a leisurely pace, and made it to school in time to pick up my computer BEFORE my first class. I was so excited. So I'm back on my very own computer and it feels great! Let's just say... I'm a PC! Husband's Mac was a little bit confusing for me!

But back to what I was saying... School went well. My classes all seem like they're going to be great, and I even like the new professor we have this semester. I still don't have everything prepared for clinic tomorrow, but I have all day there tomorrow to fret about it so I'll be just fine.

Altogether just feel very optimistic about this semester! It's a good feeling.

And going to school and sticking with the diet was successful today, as well. Although, I will say, my stomach was growling during each and every class and I had to go to the bathroom FOUR times (when I normally don't need to go at all or once at the most). Guess I hadn't realized how much drinking this much water had affected me until I left the house, ha.

Not working out today. I plan on shifting my workout days to Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Saturday and/or Sunday. Those are my more relaxed days and the ones that will be easiest for me to stick to. Instead of working out Tuesdays and Thursdays, I plan on studying and looking over my notes and readings for class. I really want to try to stay on top of it this semester so I don't keep putting it off until right before tests like I always have done. That really came back to bite me in the end of last semester... Grad school is NOT the same as undergrad (and a far cry from high school, no doubt).

So I'm going to go study now. Wish me luck that I can keep it up!

Also, thank heaven for husbands that will cook dinner for tired wives!
Couldn't do any of this without him!


  1. Luck! And prayers. You're going to make it, sister.

  2. Way to go hubby for cooking for her!!!! :)
    And keep up the hard work with both your diet and school. It's sounds like you have really got it all together! :)


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