Monday, January 31, 2011

Marvelous Monday

Day 29

Breakfast: green tea, 4 egg whites, blueberry yogurt
Mid-afternoon snacks: an orange and a sliced honey crisp apple
Lunch: NONE
Dinner: green tea, side salad with grape tomatoes and fat free French dressing, turkey chili
Dessert: raspberry cheesecake yogurt

Today I was actually able to sleep in (on a school day!)! Hallelujah! It was the first day I was able to take advantage of not having class until 1 PM, because I already had my clinic stuff taken care of. It was soooo nice to get to go back to bed after my 6:30 breakfast and not get up again until Braylen came home from school at about 10:15. Just lovely. And to top it off, school is already cancelled for tomorrow because of this epic storm that just started. Right now I'm slightly confused because it's snowing, but we also have thunder and lightning mixed in there. I've never seen a snow storm like this, so it must be something special. 

The best news of all... Braylen is working tonight. Or was working, I should say. Because of the storm, they're sending him home early. So after 3 hours of work, he is now walking in the door, as I type, to spend the rest of his work night at home, warm and cozied up with his fantastic and extremely happy wife! AND he still gets paid!! Sigh.. I'm loving this winter storm already, even if it does mean I'm trapped at home for a bit (which actually sounds heavenly)!!! Because he has off tomorrow, too, I don't have to worry about either of us going out in the mess... We can just stay here the two of us.. Keeping puppy and kitty warm and spending some extra time together.

Oh, and I'll also be studying for two tests that are coming up, but we won't mention that right now.

I love my life, and that is that.

PS. We weighed in this morning. I've lost 1.8 lbs since last week and Braylen lost 2.6. That puts him at a total of 15.8 lbs lost and me with 18.2 lbs lost. After only 5 weeks, I'm pretty excited!! 


  1. I am so glad they sent him home! P-Dub is on some talk show tomorrow, but I couldn't find out which one. Her book comes out tomorrow. Maybe that should be our book club read!?!
    Congrats on being losers again this week!

  2. All of that is great news Kaycie! You're getting the best of both worlds now that you've got your hubs home plus pay. I know you were a little worried. I hope I can squeeze some studying in tomorrow. Being cooped up with 2 kiddos (one of whom is getting sick) is not my idea of quality study time. Glad things worked out well for you though!!! ;)


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