Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Am I Breathing?

I am in my last class, currently. (Don't lecture me about being online)

I cannot believe how unfocused I am right now. And I know it's not just me cos about ten girls have agreed with me thus far and I'm pretty sure it's a general consensus at this point. My afternoon professors simply don't understand that we are not functioning this late in the day. That being said, I feel like even the professors are bored with class today.

It doesn't help that I'm pretty sure my stomach is growling loud enough to drown out the lecture. Or that my husband's at home being all alone and I'd much rather be there keeping him company before he leaves for work.

I didn't think this fog would lower over my brain so early in the semester, but I guess I'm just picking up where last semester left off... Lovely!

Oooopsie, I'm complaining.

I wish I could keep typing to keep my mind occupied, but at this moment I have zero substance left in my brain to gush about. On to the next time consumer...

It's apparent that I need to invest in several new computer games to get through the semester.

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