Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 11: Addendum

So I kind of left a TON of stuff out of my post yesterday, because of two reasons:
  1. I reeeeeeealllllly had to pee. Oooopsie, sorry.
  2. Husband was in bed yelling at me for still having all the lights on and not getting off the computer.
You see, I had quite a bit of pressure on me last night, and I just didn't have the time to update on the rest of my day (outside of dieting). So I shall do it now, k?

It was Husband's first of two days off, so we got to spend the whole day together, which was just lovely. After the aforementioned failed lunch and going to A&E for our real lunch, we went to get our hair cut. Yes, we get our hair cut by the same person and we always do it together. It's bonding time, okay? Now we both look like fabulous celebrities, of course. It's wonderful.

Anyways, back story... About, oh, 6 or 7 months ago, Husband's grandma gave us two huge boxes of books to take to Nash Library and donate, since USAO (formerly OCW, when she graduated) is her Alma Mater. These boxes have been sitting in our bedroom since she gave them to us so long ago... Until yesterday! After we got our hair cuts, we took them over to the library. Finally, they're out of my room! And I can fill that space with my own junk. ha. Oh, and we also had another errand to run over at the admissions building. FUN.

We then went home and lounged for a majority of the rest of the day. Actually... ALL of the rest of the day. We watched "Old Yeller"... I had never seen it before, but I thought it was great! Tonight, I think we will watch our other Netflix movie that came in... "The Other Sister". One of my favorites that Husband's never seen. Hope he likes it, but it probably won't be as good to him as it is to me. ha.

Okay, I think I've got you all caught up on yesterday's happenings. Not that it matters, I just felt like I was omitting so much last night!

I'll be updating again tonight about today's goings-on, so talk to you soon!

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