Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bass Pro Shop

It is now Day 2 of the 17 Day Diet and (although my stomach is in a constant grumble in between meals) I am feeling extremely confident. And now to recap what we've experienced so far:

We woke up yesterday morning and had our breakfast: a glass of lukewarm lemon water, a cup of green tea, and a yogurt. The water and green tea are going to take quite some time to get used to, I'm afraid. I've never been a tea drinker and although green tea is somewhat more preferable than regular tea, I'm still not a fan at all. But, with each meal it gets easier.

Oh, I got off track.

For lunch we each had a large salad with carrots, cucumbers, onion, and slices of red pepper. The dressing was one tbs. olive oil, two tbs. balsamic vinegar and a splash of water. Oh, and another cup of green tea to drink. =\

Dinner was, by far, the best meal of the day. Husband cooked our chicken breast and vegetables over the grill after having marinated all day. It was ridiculously good. We had a good friend over and even she agreed it was great! I'm looking forward to today's dinner, but first I'll share what we had for breakfast and lunch.

Almost forgot, we had a kefir smoothie as an after-dinner dessert. I'm not a big smoothie fan, but it was okay.

Breakfast for each of us today was two egg whites with a dash of salsa, lemon water, and green tea. Then lunch was another salad and an apple for each of us. Now, for the best part... We've been marinating our chicken and vegetables in a different marinade today so he can grill again. I'm excited to see how it turns out!!

Along with dieting, we're also supposed to do 17 minutes of exercise a day. Luke Puppy's been lappin' it up because we use our exercise time to take him on puppy walks.

I'll be sad when Husband goes back to work tomorrow and we have to reconfigure our mealtimes and puppy walk times. I'm just glad we have time to adjust before I go back to school.

Oh! Another thing we did yesterday was buy a scale and weighed ourselves (yikes!). It's been a LONG time since I had weighed in, and since I'd gained so much since we got married the number was a pretty large shock to me... I now weigh 290 pounds. Geeeeeez! But I have no shame because I know that this is the largest I have ever been and will ever be. Considering my goal weight is around 145, I have more than 100 lbs to lose! Fortunately, I'm confident in myself that the time to make the change is now! And with Husband's support and encouragement, it's going to be that much easier.

We also joined a group on FB that his cousin Carli started called the Biggest Winner. We weigh in every Monday and at the end of 8 weeks whoever lost the most fat percentage wins a $20 gift card from every person in the group to the clothing store of the winner's choice. Pretty excited to see how Husband and I pan out!

*Side Note: I asked him what clothing store he would choose if he won and he said "Bass Pro Shop." Ummm...

Anyways, all is good so far. Ready to see how the rest of this first cycle goes!!


  1. That is hilarious that he said Bass Pro Shop! I guess they do have clothing, though. It sounds like you're off to a good start with the diet. Hope you guys win the gift card contest! :)

  2. You guys are AWEsome! I am so proud of you both!


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