Sunday, January 16, 2011

Productivity Review

Breakfast: green tea, Greek egg scramble, strawberry shortcake yogurt
Mid-afternoon snack: NONE
Lunch: green tea, leftover chicken-vegetable soup
Dinner: green tea, turkey chili
Dessert: haven't picked a flavor of yogurt yet

Today felt like a very long day. After lunch I drove 30 minutes up to Crest Fresh Market south of OKC and bought groceries for the upcoming week. I ended up spending almost $200, which was more than intended. Spending $100 or more anytime I go to the store gives me very bad anxiety (not kidding in the least) so I was kind of grouchy by the time I got home (sorry Husband!). However, the blow was a little softer because last night, when cleaning, I came across a Christmas card that still had a $100 bill in it. Woo hoo! So that took care of more than half the expenses. Now I just need to find another $100 for next week!

Christmas break is coming to a slamming halt, and I need to review the list of things I wanted to accomplish over the break. Seeing as I don't actually have school tomorrow (thank heaven for MLK, Jr.), I could review the list tomorrow, but I'll do it today instead! Cos I said so...

  1. Work on the scrapbook I started for Braylen and I last year. Well, that didn't happen. I will say we (cos Bray helped!) put together an outline of the pages we need to work on. And I bought more scrap book paper and a straight-edge cutter. Kept meaning to go back for the picture tape I forgot, and it just never happened. However, now that I have the paper, I do feel more motivated! The diet just took over the remainder of the break for me.
  2. Religiously keep up with the housework. I am pretty darn proud of myself for actually sticking to this one (for the most part). I won't say there's not a speck of dust in my house and I won't say everything has always been in its place 100% of the time, but I've kept up with it much better than I had before! AND I only asked for help with the dishes two times (yes, I kept count).
  3. Speaking of religion, I'd like to find a church home for us.  Sadly, this did not happen. The only excuse that I have is that (because I'm on break) I never know what day of the stinkin' week it is!
  4. Work double-time on puppy training with Luke. We do work on his commands often, but I wouldn't say we've taught him many new ones. I don't feel guilty, however, because I feel like I've gotten to spend a lot of quality time with my pooch this break and do a lot more things with him that I've been wanting to (daily walks, a trip to the dog park, going into Pet Smart, etc.). He's a spoiled pooch, I gotta say.
  5. [If finances allow for it,] I'd like to work on house decor a little bit. Umm, finances definitely didn't allow for it. Sorry, house!
  6. FINALLY order the prints from our wedding. Geez, this didn't happen either!
  7. Watch movies with my honey as often as possible.  I will say.. Even if it was a challenge at times to get him to focus with me on a movie, we did watch a lot over the break. Success!
  8. Spend as much time as I can with my parents, parents-in-law, and friends. Although it's never enough time, of course, I did get to see many family members and friends over the break. There were even a few spontaneous visits here and there, which are always nice!
  9. Continue to write on my blog to document what I can accomplish over the break. Check!
  10. Plan for and start buying the foods I'll need to start my diet in January. Bought and eaten!

Okay, so I didn't meet all my goals... But these were for fun!
Thank goodness no grades are given! 

Weigh-in is tomorrow!!!!! I'm not going to try to contain my excitement anymore. I just want to know where I stand! I'm anxious I won't have lost as much this week because I've been kicking up the intensity and quantity of my workouts, but even if I didn't, I know it will pay off in the end! Wish me luck!

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