Monday, January 24, 2011

Like Peas and Carrots

Breakfast: green tea, power cookie, a sliced apple
Mid-afternoon snack: a strawberry yogurt
Lunch: NONE =\
Dinner: green tea, grilled pork chops, cooked peas and carrots
Dessert: red velvet cake yogurt

As you can see, I skipped lunch today. BOOOO. It was not because I wanted to, it's just I was in a hurry to leave for school this morning after breakfast and REALLY didn't feel like waiting to cook chicken or make a salad or any of it. This preparation time thing is really not working for me. Just have to do more the night before than I have been, apparently.

Anyways, today was an excellent day in clinic.. Feel like I got a lot of good stuff accomplished. And my first lecture in my Mon, Wed class went well, so hooray.

I forgot to mention yesterday that my parents are loaning us their treadmill!! I've been missing walking on a treadmill so much, and I'm really looking forward to getting it up here!

Okay, back to today... We did our weigh-in this morning.. I'm down 4.6 pounds this week and Bray lost 3.4!! Really excited about our progress and ready to see so much more!

Our dinner tonight was FANTASTIC. Really, definitely a favorite meal.. To show it's beauty, I photographed it.

Peas and carrots have always been a favorite side dish of mine, but I'd never made it before tonight. They were excellent!! Proud of myself that I didn't ruin it by overcooking them, ha. And the pork chops Husband made were absolutely perfect, no lie. Looking forward to having this again very soon!

Hope you all didn't have too dreadful of a Monday. Have a great week!

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