Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thank you!

Day 23

Breakfast: green tea, Greek egg scramble
Mid-afternoon snacks: raspberry cheesecake yogurt and a sliced red delicious apple
Lunch: green tea, lettuce and spinach salad with chopped hard-boiled egg, and a sliced golden delicious apple
Dinner: green tea, turkey patties with a squirt of reduced sugar ketchup and stir-fried vegetables
Dessert: whatever yogurt I grab when I go into the kitchen later

As previously stated, today's school day was extremely long and tedious. I have no idea how I managed to come home and immediately following dinner start and finish all of my homework and reading assignments. Possibly because tomorrow I will have to start and finish my semester treatment plan, attend and take notes in a class, and then actually give therapy off of said-treatment plan. It's going to be quite a day and I won't have the energy afterwards, I'm sure, to do any reading or homework. I'm thankful I had some residual energy to do it today!

A coworker of my dad's who happens to live in Chickasha drove up and delivered the treadmill directly to my living room this evening. I was very excited to find out he was coming today! I wanted to get everything finished so I would have time to walk a little on it, but it's almost 8:30 and my bedtime tonight will be around 9 or 9:30, and that just doesn't provide enough time for a good walk, shower, and cool-down. Looks like it's first walk (in this house, anyway) will have to wait until tomorrow.

I've been getting a lot of supportive words and comments since I've been back in school, with regards to dieting. Just want to send a collective "thank you!" to all of you wonderful friends!! It's sometimes hard for me to gracefully accept the compliment of "having such strong will power." I feel like, although I'm making good efforts now, if I actually had good will power, I wouldn't be in this situation today! That's why it's hard for me to accept those types of comments, but I'm working on it! I definitely appreciate the support and words of encouragement, that's for sure!

Thank you very much!

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