Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 71

Day 71

Breakfast: eggs
Mid-afternoon snack: NONE
Lunch: fried rice, green beans, cucumbers, and chop suey
Dinner: romaine and spinach salad with grape tomatoes
Dessert: Kefir smoothie

What. A. Long. Day.

I went to my hometown today to help one of my best friends look for a wedding dress. We went to so many stores I couldn't keep track... But she found one she likes!! I was also able to turn in my ring to the jewelers, too, so it was a double-success. After all that walking around though, I am worn out. I definitely was not fit to drive home this evening.. My eyes were drooping by the time I got to Elgin! But, by God's grace, I made it safe and sound and was able to stay awake long enough that I'll sleep through the night.

I have got to go grocery shopping tomorrow. It's imperative. We no longer have vegetables, lettuce, yogurt, or lean meat... Staples in our diet! It's definitely time... Just such a pain to drive up there. Oh well, it must be done.

All is well with the pooches, although Bray tells me Kitty is still afraid to come near him. ha. Oh well, at least she loves me... That's what's most important! =] I have no pictures to share, since I was gone a majority of the day. But, Anne, they really are getting along great now! No worries.. Hope you're having so much fun!

After all the walking around we did today and with how exhausted I'm feeling... Exercise is basically out of the question. Oh well!

Ah, and... As expected after a big loss last week... I only lost 1.8 lbs this week. Oh well. Gotta keep workin'!


Dear God, thank you for the time I was able to share with my good friend and her mother today. Bless her future in her marriage, and thank you that I can be a part of this special time! Help me to find motivation tomorrow to start doing some of the things that need to be done this break. Amen.


  1. Hey~ 1.8 Lbs is still Lost weight! Keep up the good work girl! :)

  2. How much have you lost? will i recognize you next time i see you?

  3. I've lost almost 40 pounds, but YES you will definitely still recognize me. ha. Well, I guess I can't say that until I know when the next time I see you will be. When are you coming to OK?! We still need to meet each other's hubbies!

  4. 40 pounds! That's so amazing! I'm so impressed with your commitment to the diet.

    So happy that the pooches are getting along. I knew it would just take Kitty a little more time since she's the nervous type. Can't wait to see you guys tommorrow afternoon! :) Thanks again for watching her!


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