Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bad Chemistry

Breakfast: NONE (homegirl slept in today)
Lunch: grilled chicken and vegetables
Mid-afternoon snack: apple
Dinner: chopped salad w/fat free raspberry vinaigrette (minus the bacon and fried tortilla strips) from Bourbon Street Cafe
Dessert: strawberry daiquiri and a Cape Cod from Michael Murphey's Dueling Pianos Bar

I have absolutely nothing of interest to say about the day before 6 PM. I literally slept until 4 today. It's pathetic. I mean, I was up for lunch for maybe two hours around noon, and then BDR and I went back to bed. I have a dreadful feeling that going back to school next week is going to hit my sleep schedule like a ton of bricks. (Therefore I apologize, in advance, for any bad attitude I may have. I will do my best to be nice.)

I spent the evening in Bricktown celebrating a good friend's birthday. Lots of fun! I don't have pictures to post tonight, but I should have one or two by tomorrow (hopefully). Aside from bad service at Bourbon Street, it was a great time. I left early because I couldn't drink any more since I had to drive home. I'm preeeetty sure they're still up there having a blast! Happy birthday, Katie!! Thanks for letting me celebrate with you!!

Now I am home. Sitting on the couch, in my robe. It's absolutely lovely. Just wish Husband wasn't working so he could've enjoyed the evening with me!

Despite all the sleep I got today, I'm feeling exhausted. Something's not right with my chemistry, at the moment. I am tired all the time. It's a darn good thing I'm in love with my bed (no offense, Bray.. I love you, too) and don't mind spending ample amounts of time there.

So, I think I'll watch some TV and then head to that wonderful king bed of mine.

'Night y'all!

PS... I resisted the urge to get late-night McDonald's on my way home tonight. Just wanted to post that, cos it was really hard. Cheeseburger... =\. I can do this though. Just gotta stay focused! 

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