Monday, January 30, 2012

MIA & Week 3 Weigh-In

Breakfast: yogurt and granola
Lunch: 6 inch turkey and ham sub on wheat w/spinach, lettuce, black olives, and sweet onion sauce from Subway
Snack: cutie clementine; 2 yogurts
Dinner: 2 turkey patties w/cheese on wheat bread w/sweet potato fries

First off, let me just say I'm sorry I've been MIA the past week! I never anticipated I'd be this busy starting the new internship! Once I get the swing of things with my new kiddos, I should be able to get back to regular posting, though. I don't know about keeping up with following everyone, unfortunately. I don't get back from class Monday-Wednesday until about 7-7:30 and then I have to work in dinner, showering, sometimes working out, and occasionally seeing my husband and pooches. Not that I am complaining in the least. I am absolutely loving this internship--In fact, I recently got the approval to stay there the entire semester, instead of just the normal 8-week rotation length. I am incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to be there and am loving all the experience, laughs, and long hours... I know everything will be worth while, in the end!

All the busy-ness hasn't stopped/hindered me from staying on track. Here are my stats for Week 3 weigh-in:

Starting Weight for 2012: 262.2
Previous Weight: 250.2
Current Weight: 247.2

Proud to be down 3 more pounds, bringing me to a total of 15 lbs lost since January 2nd! Pretty happy about that. Only 20 lbs from my goal of 30 lbs down by April 13 (my next ob/gyn appointment)!! Seeing the numbers come off again is bittersweet. I'm so happy that they're coming off and coming off so quickly! At the same time, it's bittersweet because this is the second time I'm seeing these exact numbers go down, just like they did last year. I so badly want to be rid of these numbers, once and for all! I just pray God gives me the strength once this is said and done to maintain my progress. I know He is faithful, it's my willingness to call for His help that wavers.

Hope you all are doing well! 

'Night y'all!

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  1. Glad to see all is well with you! Great job on your amazing loss, you are kicking January's tush! Keep it going!


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