Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pictures of Progression

Day 100!!!

Breakfast: yogurt and granola
Mid-morning snack: banana
Lunch: pasta and asparagus and a sliced apple
Dinner: romaine and spinach salad w/feta cheese and grape tomatoes
Dessert: Skinny Cow mint chocolate ice cream sandwich

Okay, so I don't know what's coming over me, but I've decided to post my before/after pictures so far. I guess it's not really "after" since I'm not at all close to being finished, but these are pictures of progression. We've been taking them since the beginning and take pictures every 50 days. So I have days 1, 50, and now 100. I've been so looking forward to this day so I could take a picture and see the progress (not to mention I'm just psyched about reaching 100 days!) that I've decided to share them with you. And let me just add that I've not been this unclothed in public since my bikini-wearing days of, like, age 5. So I apologize. I'm only posting now because I really am proud of the changes happening to my body. I know it's not perfect yet, but I've worked really hard and I'm getting that much closer to be able to say, with all the confidence in the world, that I am beautiful. Another forewarning: I've been applying cocoa butter for the past month or so daily (usually multiple times, daily) so I'm workin' on the stretch mark problem. But I do apologize, cos they're stubbornly still stickin' around. Maybe, one day, they'll be less noticeable, but for now... I'm happy with where I'm at.

So, here goes nothin'...

Ya know that awkwardness you feel when you realize your fly is unzipped? That's kinda how I feel. ha. Trust me, it is not my "normal" to post pictures of me half-clothed for the world to see... But I'm hoping it will help me feel more confident. Maybe? We'll see... 

Anyways, today was a long day at school. I'm actually not feeling as tired as I have been in the evenings, so hopefully that means I can get a lot of work done on my paper?? We'll see on that, too... 

'Night y'all!

P.S. I realize my first pictures for days 1 and 50 look like straight-up mug shots. Please forgive. 


  1. some serious progress there. keep it up. love you.

  2. WoW Kaycie! Uh-MAZING progress! That has GOT to fuel your dieting fire!

    I thought of something else inspiring the other day and thought of you with it.....at daycare, we got new 50 lb. bags of sand to replenish the sandbox. Well, you've lost about that much weight so I thought it was comparable. Those suckers were SO HEAVY!! Just try to pick one of them up the next time you're at Wal-Mart and again be spurred on by your amazing success!

  3. 100 days is a great milestone, and you look amazing!
    Tango On!!!!

  4. Great pic! Def something to be proud of. Beautiful journey!


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