Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sticky Situation

Day 103

Breakfast: yogurt
Mid-morning snack: NONE
Lunch: cheeseburger w/fries, diet DP, and a heath/Reese's mix from Braum's
Dinner: NONE
Dessert: mint chocolate Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich

Bray and I decided to do our cheat day like we envisioned from the beginning: we'll cheat in between the third and first cycles (after we've finished the third cycle and before we officially begin the first cycle again). So we went out! And, man, was it a lot of food! We ate late, at around 2:30 and I was full the rest of the day (thus no dinner)!!! I'm feeling really good about this week's weigh-in and feeling even better about next week's (after I've had a full week of cycle 1 food only). Very excited to see the progress continue, and I have a small victory to share: I remembered I had a bag of old jeans in the closet that I haven't worn in forever. They didn't necessarily stop fitting... I just never unpacked them from when we moved in our house almost a year ago. Most of them aren't jeans you'd wear in public (i.e. they have paint stains or holes and have been used as "Mexico jeans" [jeans I wore in Mexico when we went for mission trips]) but a few pair were actually pretty well in-tact so I thought I'd try them on. There were two pair that were the style I like (flare) and had stopped fitting me a while ago... And they both went on smoothly! One of them I'm gonna keep in the "Mexico jean" stack cos they have holes (does anybody else wear holes in their jeans from where their thighs rub together, or is it just me? Anyone? No? Crickets? Damn....), but the other pair I put in my dresser because once I lose probably ten more pounds, they'll fit perfectly! I could button them today, but they were pretty darn snug... just give me another few weeks though, and I'll be back in my old style of jean! Very excited. It's been a while since flares fit me and I've been having to resort to boot cut (which I really don't like). Woo hoo!

The weird thing is that every pair of jeans I tried on and the pairs I wear now are all the same size. I've worn 18 probably since the beginning of high school. It's weird that although every pair was the same size, they didn't all fit (especially because I buy my jeans from the same place, every time). Not only that, but an 18 in boot cut fits but not an 18 in flare. Sigh... I don't understand clothing companies.

Today was fantastic, did I mention that? I got to spend the morning/afternoon sleeping in late with my husband (which was soooooooooo nice). Then we went and grabbed lunch, ate while we watched a Netflix movie (The Rainmaker), he went to work, and my good friend Haley came over. We worked on homework (I got another page and a half written on the paper and weeded out the unnecessary info!) and got caught up on each other's lives, which was so nice!! OH, and I got some amazing, fantastic, 100% exciting news from a very good friend of mine who shall remain nameless and it really just made my day!! Can't wait to meet little miss or mister!!!

All in all I have zero complaints today, aside from that the weather today was horrendous. Oklahoma has been especially dry this year (as in, our part of the state hasn't seen rainfall in months) and today, winds were up to crazy speeds. This equals lots and lots of uncontrollable grass fires. It was pretty scary to hear how close it got to so many houses. I didn't hear of any homes or buildings actually catching fire, and I pray that they were able to stop them before it happened. Just keep us in your prayers, y'all! Bring on the rain, God!

To end on a bright note (although it wasn't very bright for me) before I started this post I was folding and putting away laundry. We had a mouse problem last year and we still have some sticky traps set up throughout the house. Can you guess what happened? There was one in the closet. We'd managed to avoid stepping on it all this time, but today... My foot met the moth-clad sticky trap with my full weight behind it. Half of my foot was covered in the sticky goop, and it took me scrubbing it in the shower and wiping it down with Goo Gone (which is an amazing product, by the way) before it stopped being sticky. It. Was. Guh-ross!!

I thought you would enjoy that. It's my gift to you.

'Night y'all!

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