Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Miracle Has Happened

Have any of you been watching the new show on OWN (ugh... Still hate she has her own network now) called Addicted to Food? Oh man. Tennie McCarty is a wonderful Southern woman, no? I just want to sit on a porch and drink lemonade with her and talk and cry and laugh about everything in my puny little head. But that's beside the point. I just love this show. She said something today that really got to me... Here's a conversation she had with a woman who had wanted to leave recovery to go home but decided not to...

Tennie: So, show us, today, right now, this minute.. what is foremost in your mind?
Tanisha: My recovery.
Tennie: Good for you. But yesterday, in the depths of the pain what did you wanna do?
Tanisha: I wanted to go to get me some spicy fried chicken.
Tennie: Did you do it?
Tanisha: No.
Tennie: And you could have left here. We would've put you on a plane yesterday. Did you do it?
Tanisha: No
Tennie: And that is the miracle. A miracle happened yesterday. And it happened for all of you. Every minute that you go without practicing your addiction, a miracle has happened. 

So happy for the miracles God's given to me in the past 104 days. I've missed out on a few, but I know He has so much more to show me in the days to come. Looking forward to seeing more and more of His miracles.

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