Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'm Taken, Boys

Day 104

Breakfast: eggs w/onion and ketchup (Bray's a pro at making eggs now) and a yogurt
Mid-morning snack: NONE
Lunch: turkey chili
Dinner: romaine and spinach salad w/feta cheese and grape tomatoes
Dessert: NONE

Wow, my schedule has somehow managed to get completely screwed in the two days I've been out of school. I went to bed last night at close to 2AM. This morning I got up when Braylen got home so I could have breakfast. Then we both went back to sleep at around 7:15. I woke up at about 10, was up for an hour, and then went back to sleep until about 1 o'clock. I didn't feel like cooking lunch though, so I just went to the library at my alma mater, worked on my paper for about 3 hours (sooooo helpful), then came home and ate lunch around 4:30. (I know... Lunch? At 4:30? ... I told you my schedule was off). Puppy and I just went for another interval walk/jog and now I'm sitting here wondering if I should even have that romaine/spinach salad. I just ate two hours ago! Sigh... Gotta start going to bed earlier...

Anyways, back to that jog... They're going so much better than that first time! I don't know what I did wrong the first time, but none of the times I've jogged since then have been that bad! I wouldn't say it's my favorite way to work out, but it's definitely one of the more satisfying. Luke's such a good jogging partner, too. Although sometimes I have to kick the back of his heels to get him to speed up a little bit (can you believe he's the slow one, of the two of us?). He's a good pup though. The past few days it's been brought to my attention more and more how happy I am that he's my pooch. He's a pretty darn good one.

Except for when he drinks his water really fast after we go walking, pukes on the floor, and then drinks it again. I mean... At least he cleans up after himself. Can't say the same for Kit-Kat.

I just want it to be made known that today when I came home from the library, Braylen was in the kitchen doing dishes... Without me having asked him to do so! I was so happy. He didn't finish them (which was kinda sad), but he did some of them, and I'd say that's progress!

OH, I also want it to be made known that when Puppy and I were less than five minutes into our walk/jog this evening, one of my neighbors down the street (although I never did look to see who it was) whistled at me. At least, I'm going to assume it was towards me... Because I so often get whistled at when I walk past, you know. Especially when I'm wearing capri leggings that cling to my hefty thighs, an extremely baggy hoodie, and my hair's up in a messy knotted bun. That's when all the guys want me.

It's really kinda pathetic, boys...

'Night y'all!

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