Friday, April 1, 2011

Rangers: 1, Wife: 0

Day 89

Breakfast: NONE
Mid-afternoon snack: yogurt
Lunch: pita with grilled chicken, zucchini, spinach leaves, cheese, and Italian dressing
Dinner: romaine, spinach, and herb mix salad w/grape tomatoes and feta cheese
Dessert: Skinny Cow strawberry cheesecake ice cream sandwich

Wow, it felt good to sleep in today. I slept until around 10 or 11 this morning and it was excellent!! Definitely needed that (and look forward to doing it again tomorrow)! After I woke up I watched a bit of TV and decided to take Luke Puppy on an interval walk/jog. Ughhhh.. I definitely still hate jogging. It's not even my legs that get tired. I literally have to stop because my throat hurts so bad from breathing hard (at least, I think that's why it hurts?). I jogged for three blocks and had to power walk the rest of the way because my throat was killing me. It took probably thirty minutes for me to stop coughing (which, somehow, made it feel better). I would consider myself pretty stinkin' well-educated about all things pharynx/larynx related, and I have no idea why it hurts me so much when I breathe heavily like that. It only happens when I jog/run... Never when I'm doing my cardio workouts at home. I must be tightening my muscles differently or something. Whatever it is, it's really hindering me from being able to one day enjoy jogging (which is something I have always wanted to do). Fellow speech pathology girls... What gives? Any ideas?

Anyways, the rest of the day was much better. I hung out with the husband and was actually able to get a homework assignment finished and turned in (not even something I really had planned on starting today). After he went to work a few hours later, Puppy and I decided to go on another walk around the block. This time, just as a walk because the weather was so beautiful (temperature in the 70's... I'll take it!). I felt inspired afterward so I went and did my 30-minute workout at Tan & Tone. I'm feelin' good!

I just really love this blog. It has several different sections dealing with many different situations. I highly recommend you take the time to go through and read some of these stories. It has really opened my heart and given me a lot of respect for how strong women can be. I will warn you... Many of the stories are hard to read, as a lot of them deal with abuse and other awful tragedies. The language can sometimes get graphic, but a majority of the stories are truly inspiring. And honestly, the most inspirational thing is that the women who write the blog entries (anyone can submit a post for entry) end up getting overwhelmed with love and support from everyone reading. It's a really awesome group... Check it out!

Oops, was I just a commercial? Sorry!

So I guess Husband and I are going to Dallas the weekend after Katrina's wedding to see a Rangers game. Well, if we can sort out the little problem with the tickets that somehow managed to happen again (gotta love that husband of mine). I mean, I think our anniversary's gonna be celebrated somewhere in there (we can't celebrate on the actual day because it's the Saturday before my finals), but I'm 100% positive he thought of the idea solely with the Rangers in mind. Sigh. Kinda makes me sad our first anniversary will come and go without any kind of celebration, but I know there will be many more so I guess I should stop pouting.

In other news, my dog is smelly and needs a bath.


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  1. Eww... doggy baths are my husband's department. I am thankful for that since our pups LOVE to splash!

    Just as a note, my throat hurts bad when I run too. It's weird, because that is also the only time I experience that. I am working really hard right now on controlling my breathing. :)

    Have a great weekend! I hope you celebrate your anniversary at least a little!



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