Friday, April 15, 2011

Late: Day 102

Day 102

Breakfast: yogurt and granola and toast w/margarine
Mid-afternoon snack: NONE
Lunch: turkey and cheese sandwich w/banana and apple
Dinner: cheese ravioli in a "nest of pasta" from Zio's in Bricktown w/a strawberry daiquiri and bread
Dessert: popcorn!!

Sorry I didn't post last night. By the time we got back from our date night I was too pooped to update. Please forgive! We had a great night, and I'm so glad we got to spend time together before school really gets into crunch time (AKA, now).

So, what did I do yesterday? Well, my first two classes were such a huge, mind-blowing waste of time (literally, we did nothing) that I decided to skip my last two. Don't try to make sense of that... Just know that I've never skipped a class in grad school before. I figured the time would be better spent running the few errands I needed to run before date night and paper-writing chaos ensues. I planned on going home and working on my paper during what would have been class time, but Husband was home when I got there (I thought he would still be in Duncan after the dentist appointment he had) and I can't ever get anything done when he's home. 1) Because we don't often get to spend time together during the day, and 2) Because, well, that's all. I just miss him.

We went to Walmart and got some essentials we'd been missing from the house (Oh, and I bought an adorable onesie that I just couldn't pass up. It's red and says "Mommy's Little Alarm Clock" or something like that. Too cute) and then came home. I went to Tan & Tone and we took Luke for a Puppy Walk (because I knew we'd be going out later and I wanted to be sure and get in some good exercise) and then I showered and we left!

Zio's was amazing, as usual. And there was no line to get tickets for the first movie (Insidious) so we made it with time to spare! This first movie was reallllllly creepy, but we both liked it. The second movie (Hall Pass) was incredibly vulgar and raunchy, and yet, we both thought it was pretty hilarious and I actually somewhat liked the plot! (Note: Don't see if you're uncomfortable with nudity.)

The ride home felt relatively short, which was an added bonus. We got home and slepttttttttt (and man, did that feel good to sleep in!).

More about this morning when I post tonight!

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