Saturday, April 23, 2011

Graduation Day

Day 110

Breakfast: NONE
Mid-morning snack: NONE
Lunch: NONE
Dinner: (at around 5:30) sandwich w/chocolate chip cookies
Dinner2: (at around 10 PM) turkey and swiss w/grilled veggies from A&E
Dessert: NONE

Today was all sorts of crazy for my diet (obviously). This week has just been awful, and with two Easter celebrations coming up, the chaos continues. I'm definitely gaining weight this weekend, and I've come to terms with it. Next week is a new week, and I can't let this little setback hinder future progress.

This morning I spent about 4 hours cleaning the living room, dining room, and kitchen... Then my MIL came over around 1 PM or so. We went clothes shopping b/c she wanted to treat me to a new outfit for making it past the 100 day mark on the diet. She bought me a pair of capris, two shirts, and a camisole. I'm way excited cos the shirts are size Large instead of XL, and they look good on me (if I do say so myself). Finally coming around to the idea that I look better (as opposed to just feeling better).

After coming home and getting ready, we headed over to Bray's family's funeral home down the street cos they were having a pre-graduation party for his brother. This is where I had the sandwich and amazing cookies made by my MIL. Then we headed over to the graduation, where we watched my BIL and two very good friends become college graduates! I just love the excitement of graduation... And it made me look that much more forward to next year when both Braylen and I graduate!

We also found out after the ceremony that Husband made an A on his final he took this morning!!! I was so proud I'm pretty sure I told everyone before he could get a word in. Only two people in the class made an A, and my best friend was one of them!! I am so excited for him! =]

Afterwards we came home and watched Splice (what a stinkin' weird movie) and then our friends Matt and Beki came over for the night. Beki is one of our good friends who graduated tonight (congratulations, again!) and she's also going to be living with us for the next two weeks until her apartment unit is open. Very excited to have some company when Braylen's out working nights!!

Now we're about to head to bed. Before I say goodnight though.. I have to share this with you because it melts my heart every time...

My BIL's girlfriend's precious baby boy, Makisig (aka, my nephew).
He's so proud of Daddy for graduating today!!
If that doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will, folks. 

'Night y'all! 

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