Thursday, April 21, 2011


Day 108

Breakfast: NONE
Mid-morning snack: NONE
Lunch: turkey chili
Dinner: dinner roll
Dessert: peanut butter and brownie batter frozen yogurt from Orange Leaf

ATTENTION: Having a dinner roll for dinner is not at all advisable. It was entirely unintentional and I realize I ate very little today. It is not my goal to diet by starvation and I do not recommend the meals I ate today (aside from the turkey chili) as a healthy way to lose weight. My day did not go as planned, and I had no choice (unless I wanted to eat dinner past midnight, which is not an option, in my opinion).

Okay, now that that's out of the way...

I had an excellent morning. After waking up at my own time (no alarm) I went to Cato's to give in and finally buy new dress pants. The pair I've had since around Christmastime no longer fit me (as in, to keep them pulled up I had to actually push out my stomach), so I went to get new ones. I bought the same style of pant as the one I already had only in a smaller size. (Do you have your drums rolling?) I've gone down TWO SIZES from the pants I had before. Now, granted, that puts me at the dreaded size 18 (the size I'm afraid I'll be stuck in for the rest of my adult life), but I'm just glad I'm down at all!

Anyways, after buying The Pants That Fit Me in All the Right Places, I ate a lunch lovingly prepared by my wonderful husband, and then headed to class/clinic. Well, I got an unpleasant observation report from my supervisor and (ya know how the little things build until you have a mental breakdown? No, that doesn't happen to you? Ugh...) I kind of lost it. I definitely wouldn't call it anywhere close to my worst breakdown.. In fact, I didn't even manage to get a good cry out of it (unfortunately... I need one of those)... But it put me over the edge just enough to merit a spur of the moment trip to see one of my best friends up in Edmond. We spent the day talking and gossiping and ranting and laughing like we always do and it was just what I needed. I don't ever realize how much I miss girl talk until I actually get to experience it. Seeing Haley a few days ago and then Jess today really makes me appreciate (and miss immensely) my girlfriends.

So I left her house shortly before 11 PM and got on the road before realizing I had yet to turn in the stupid research paper I've been having a stroke over for the past two weeks (that was due by midnight tonight). And I knew I wouldn't make it home in time to submit it, so I turned around and went back to her house so I could get online and submit it. Praise God that I had my laptop with me (because I hadn't emailed it to myself and it's only on my computer). Praise God that I realized I needed to do it before I got halfway home (because it HAD to be turned in no later than midnight tonight). Praise God that Jess let me borrow her internet so that I could get online and submit it. PRAISE GOD I actually had the paper done (even though I didn't get to go over it again like I wanted to) because that would have, well, just been unthinkable.

Praise God.

I am happy to be home. Luke didn't pee his crate while I was gone. My husband's coming to school with me tomorrow. I get to see another good friend tomorrow to shop for the bachelorette party we're cohosting. Life is fan-stinkin'-tastic.

Praise. God.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. That's all very god news Kaycie! Will your husband be in class today?


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