Monday, April 11, 2011

A Man and His Dog

You know how they say dogs and owners tend to look alike?

I'm pretty sure the same is true for Braylen and Luke. Maybe not to the extent of the lower left picture, but there are definitely some family resemblances. And I feel like poking fun at my husband because he's not here to defend himself. =]

5 Similarities Between Braylen and Luke Puppy:

1) The most obvious: FEET. They both have massive feet that are too large for their bodies. This contributes largely to number 3.

2) Braylen and Luke are both avid leaners. They lean on anything and anyone. Braylen loves to get in people's space and give hugs or just lay all over you. Luke does the same thing on a much more destructive scale. Well, actually.. No, they're both pretty destructive. 

Ignore the stupid face I'm making, please.

3) But that constitutes another similarity: They are both incredibly, outrageously, extremely clumsy. If there is a drink on the coffee table, Luke will find it and knock it over with his tail. Inevitably. If Braylen and I are lying on the couch or in bed together, he will somehow manage to hit me, either with his bony knees or with his elbows. I tend to not take pictures after said-disasters, so I have nothing to show for this one. Please forgive.

4) They are both very absent-minded. Luke will get thrown a ball, go to try to find it, and then get distracted by a blade of grass. Or we'll yell at him for doing something or other and two seconds later he's completely forgotten about it and is ready to play. I've already mentioned how forgetful my husband is, so that need not be repeated. This is a good example of his absent-mindedness... The other day we were washing dishes together and I asked him to hand me the dirty plate on the counter right. in. front. of. him. So he hands me the cutting board. Really? Plate = cutting board? I think not.

(I also have no pictures for this.)

5) And because I'm not entirely mean, I'll share a positive similarity. They are both incredibly loyal to their family, while not being at all neglectful to people outside of the family. Luke loves Braylen and I so unconditionally, it's insane. He knows who we are and he loves being around us. That being said, he is also very excited anytime any other person comes around, be it family or friends. He never hesitates to share his love and happiness, which is exactly the same as my lovely husband. I've never met a man so forthcoming with hugs and so loving towards friends and family. Of course he's a die-hard family man, but he's also very friendly to friends and strangers, alike. 

I just love my boys, with all their imperfections and quirks. <3

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  1. Great post! Thanks for the grins this morning. =)


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