Monday, April 4, 2011

So happy

Day 92

Breakfast: yogurt and granola
Mid-morning snack: sliced apple
Lunch: NONE
Dinner: pork chop, green beans, mashed potatoes, and a side salad
Dessert: heath mix from Braum's

After sleeping all morning (aside from the ten minutes I was awake to eat breakfast), I woke up too late to make lunch. So I sliced up an apple and headed to school. Class went well, but clinic was a handful. Had some complications getting ready, but once my kiddo finally came it was just fine. Came home, cooked and ate dinner with Husband and then went out to get some dessert. Our dinner tonight was actually picture-worthy:

Husband grilled the pork chops and I cooked the rest of it on the stove (well, aside from the salad, of course).
Weigh-in was this morning and hallelujah, I didn't gain! I only lost 0.4 lb, but I'm just so thankful I didn't take steps in the wrong direction. I assumed I would get a small loss this week anyways, after having a big loss last week. So now I'm hoping a week from today I'll have another big number to report. Let's hope I can get more exercise in this week than I have been getting (oh, and that we don't get another cheat treat this week past tonight's fro-yo run). 

Can I just say how immensely happy I am to no longer be single? So happy to not have to deal with creepy/shallow/perverted/self-absorbed/selfish/immature/etc. guys anymore!! So happy to never have to go on a horrible first date again or worry about "if he's going to call me back" again. So happy that I don't have to lie alone every night wishing that I can one day find the right guy. 

So happy that that one day has come and gone, and I can now spend every night praising God for giving me the right guy. 

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  1. I am so happy for you! You really are an inspiration to me. :)
    Also, It is wonderful to see youre so happy in your marriage too. I know so many people who have been married after you and divorced already. It is sad to see a life like that.
    Thanks for your words to remind me that my husband is great too :)


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