Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rant of the Rings

Day 88

Breakfast: yogurt and granola with a slice of wheat toast
Mid-afternoon snack: banana
Lunch: 1 cup wheat pasta w/lemon juice, olive oil, grape tomatoes, and zucchini squash
Dinner: fried onion burger with 1/2 sweet potato fries and 1/2 french fries
Dessert: popcorn

I'll just get it out of the way... We went out to eat in celebration of Braylen finishing his paper early (okay, it's due tomorrow, which may not be early for some... But for the man who usually finishes at 3 AM the night before... 7 PM is a vast improvement). It may not be worthy of celebration to some, but I felt like treating him (okay, and me, by association) because he has worked really hard this semester for this class and he's been working on this paper for weeks (instead of days, like he would've done before). I'm just very impressed with him and I felt like he needed a patty melt and onion rings (that's what he had for dinner tonight). As soon as we got home from dinner we went for the quickest Puppy Walk the world has ever seen (gotta get rid of that burger!). Right now we're sitting on our front porch listening to music waiting until it's time to go out to a picture show (tonight it's Limitless).

Now, the big news of the day (well, big in my world). Let me start from the beginning, and I apologize to those of you who have heard me rant about this for the past almost two years. In September of 2009 Braylen bought my engagement ring. When we got the ring it had a stone missing. He proposed anyway, I kept it for a month of so (to show it off, of course) and then we took it to Kay's so it could be replaced. When I went to pick it up from the jewelers, however, it was missing a different stone. So we sent it off again. Okay, I'll cut to the chase.. In the past almost two years we've had the ring, we've done this back and forth replacement of stones at least 6 times. We lost count because who thinks they're going to need to keep track of that kind of thing? Anyways, to no one's surprise, a couple months ago another stone fell out (while I was doing the strenuous physical activity of changing my clothes). So on March 14th I took it back to Kay's to be sent off. They ETA to get it back was March 26th. They called on the 24th to tell me it would need to be pushed back to the 30th. I didn't hear from them on the 30th. This evening when I got home from classes, I got another lovely call from them. This time, it was to tell me that they got the ring in today, but she didn't think it was a good idea for me to come pick it up because the stone they replaced was already loose and she wanted to send it back. So now I won't get it back until around the 12th of April.

Suffice it to say that in the 1.5 years that I've had the ring.. I've probably had it actually in my possession (and not in "the shop") half of that, at the very most. Braylen and I are at the point where we don't ask ourselves "if" it will fall out again, but "how long will it stay in this time?" And let it be known.. I am not complaining about Kay Jewelers. The customer service we have gotten has been wonderful. But whoever designed this particular style of ring needs to be fired. The discussion has already been initiated with Kay's that if this keeps happening, we have every intention of demanding a replacement. We paid nearly 5 grand for my rings, and although they're insured so none of the replacements ever cost us a dime... The trips back and forth to/from Lawton definitely cost dimes (many of them, in fact), and damnit... I want to be able to wear my wedding ring!

Okay, my rant is finished.

'Night y'all!

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  1. ughhh sorry sister that is annoying! I think you should DEMAND a replacement!!! Oh and Im so excited you guys treated yourselves to a yummy dinner!!! :) Love you and love reading your blogs! It makes me think we are still together in heart!


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