Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back From the Hiatus

It's hard for me to start this post. The events of this weekend were so unexpected and so overwhelming that I truly didn't have the time or the desire to blog. I also did not have the drive to give any type of thought to what I ate. So, to summarize... Sunday I ate Chicken Express, spaghetti and meatballs, funfetti cake, and had a few drinks with friends at the bachelorette party I hosted. Saturday I ate Sonic AND Braum's (within an hour of each other). Today I ate a waffle w/butter, peanut butter, and syrup with a sausage patty, Burger King for lunch, and Taco Bell for dinner.

So basically... I am back to damn square one. Good news is, I haven't totally lost faith in myself. The past two days have been unthinkable (post soon to come discussing what happened) and I've been 100% pushed to my limit and to the edge of my breaking point. Fortunately, my husband has been there for me 110% and even though it has been hellish... I'm actually feeling just fine. I know that we are well and we are unimaginably happy. This whole ordeal or rather, both ordeals, have done nothing but brought us that much closer together.

Back to the drawing board tomorrow. I need to go grocery shopping because we have no food in the house (thus eating out all the time). We need to get back to normal fully. We're almost there, but need to get the rest of it into gear. After this weekend and the wedding is over, I feel like we'll be that much closer to being happy again and sharing experiences with each other. Lately I feel like I've let other people's drama and events control what my plans are, and I'm so ready to be completely selfish with my husband and just focus on us, for a change. I always know he is thankful for the time we spend together and the effort we put towards each other, and I can't always say the same for others. It's nice to know I have that with him, my best friend.

I know some of you are disappointed that I am not writing specifically about what happened Sunday, but at this point, I still feel like I need to be careful what's revealed and how I word it. If it's absolutely imperative you know details, send me a message. Otherwise, in time once I've gathered my thoughts about it enough to objectively and eloquently talk about it, without being overwhelmed, I will make a post about it.

Thank you so much for all of those who have been praying for us! I know it's hard when you don't know the full story, but just know your prayers were answered! We are both safe and healthy and justice will be served. Keep us in your prayers, still, and I will keep you updated as events occur. Thank you so much again. I am positive this process would have been 100 times more difficult were it not for your prayers and support.

Thank you!

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