Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Day 72

Breakfast: NONE
Mid-afternoon snack: NONE
Lunch: 2 chicken strips and steamed onion and carrots
Dinner: green tea, romaine and spinach salad with chicken, feta cheese, and grape tomatoes
Dessert: triple berry torte yogurt

It's Husband's first of five nights off!! We were so excited to get to spend the day together. It's been a long time since we've had this many consecutive days of no school or work in a row! So today we spent it grocery shopping and Spring cleaning (we're romantics, can't ya tell?)! After our trip to Crest, I deep-cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and guest room while he watered the yard, pulled weeds from the flower bed, and planted flowers in the bed. Tomorrow I'll finish cleaning the living room and bedroom, then vacuum the entire upstairs. Then we'll both tackle the basement together. It's so nice to be able to clean when we're not on a schedule or time table! I actually enjoyed it, which isn't something I can normally say about cleaning my house. And Bray's flower garden will be so pretty once everything starts to grow! I will definitely post pictures in a month or so once it's in bloom! .

We just finished watching Heavy and I mentioned to Braylen that I would qualify for that show (along with Biggest Loser) because I started out just as big as some of them. So I said he should send me away for 6 months to a weight loss camp. He said that by the time I came back he would have burned down the house and would be living in a hut. In response to my puzzled look, he said "I would miss you so much I would go crazy and have to burn down the house, because that's what crazy people do."

I can't explain his thought processes, but I love him anyways.


Dear God, thank you so much for giving us this day to be so productive. Thank you for blessing me with a partner to create a beautiful home with. Help us to keep the progress going tomorrow to get the job done. Amen.

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  1. lol @ Bray's comment there. till you wrote his explanation for it I was totally thinking in my head it'd be because he'd be trying to uhm... maintain the house like only a man can. hehe
    Glad ya'll had a great day with many more to come! xoxox


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