Saturday, March 12, 2011

Home Improvements

Day 69

Breakfast: NONE
Mid-afternoon snack: red grapes
Lunch: 3 tacos from Taco Mayo
Dinner: romaine and spinach salad with feta cheese and grape tomatoes
Dessert: NONE

Here's the thing... I'm not a violent person. I don't lose my temper at the drop of a hat. I do tend to be crabby on occasion, but it's not often an impulse feeling. I wouldn't call myself "impulsive", in general. So my quick decision today to punch the wall when I got angry came as a huge surprise to me. And now I'm feeling like crap because my wedding ring took the bulk of the hit and now it's bent. Badly. Not enough that I noticed right away, but bad enough that I can't wear it now without noticing.

The thing that bugs me the most (aside from my ring being unwearable for two reasons: missing stone and bent band) is that I got frustrated at something stupid... Hanging curtain rods. I can't even explain what happened. Just really frustrated at myself. Good thing we have insurance on it..

Anyways, like I said... I bought and began hanging curtains for our home today. So far I have the living room, kitchen, and most of the bedroom and dining room finished. I made a slight boo boo though and bought different sized panels for one of the windows in the dining room...

And I didn't realize they were different sizes until I already hung them.
I look forward to showing you guys the rest of the pictures, but I'll have to clean the house first before I dare take pictures. May be a day or two... Sorry! Plus I need to replace that stupid short panel. Sigh... Another Walmart trip. 

So, Luke's girlfriend Kitty is here staying with us for the next few days. So far, so good... Although I've noticed that Kitty has taken a real fondness for one of Luke's big cow bones and hates it when Luke tries to chew on it. I may need to remove it from the house before a battle ensues. ha. At first they kind of went a little nuts, but I left them outside to play and within minutes there was no barking and they were just running around together. Currently Luke's slobbering all over her face and belly as she lays on the couch next to me. Oh, here are the two lovedogs after they came in from romping in the yard (notice the open mouths and floppy tongues)...

Luke Puppy and Kitty the Dog
Okay, so I'm still feeling crummy about that darn ring. I need to go eat dinner and watch TV so I can stop thinking about it. Oh, but first I need to show you what Braylen created in our basement this morning:

I believe it's been dubbed "Braylen's Pub".
Anyways, he wanted a bar in the basement, so voila. 
Picture's kind of small, but he likes it, so I'm happy. 

Okay, dinner time! More of the puppy adventures and curtain hanging tomorrow!


Dear God, please forgive me for letting go of my temper this afternoon. I feel so ashamed. Thank you for all the accomplishments we were able to make today, and help us continue with that the rest of Spring break. Amen.

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