Saturday, March 26, 2011

Apparently, I Have a Lot to Say

Day 83

Breakfast: four eggs whites with 1/2 onion and salsa
Mid-afternoon snack: NONE
Lunch: carrot sticks, strawberries, and cantaloupe
Dinner: turkey 2-bean chili
Dessert: yogurt

I had a lovely morning getting ready for and attending a baby shower for a great friend of mine. I did feel silly (as I often do after baby showers) because I went overboard with the gifting. I always buy too much. And I didn't know that there was such a thing as buying too many gifts for someone, but I think I manage to do so. Only for baby showers though! I'm blaming the baby fever. Everything on every aisle is just so damn cute (except for the butt paste and nipple butter, but I choose to scan over those sections). I can't resist. In fact, it's getting to the point where I almost want to keep the stuff for myself (in particular the cute pajamas with the pictures on the butt... Who can resist a monkey head on a diapered butt?) but I haven't gone that far yet. It's only a matter of time, though... 

The thing is that no matter how many times I reiterate to people that I know is not the time to start growing our family, people still seem to think I need reminding every time I mention wanting to be a mother. What is funny to me, is that it's often wonderful mothers who are telling me how big of a pain having kids is, as though they don't enjoy and love their children tremendously (which I know they absolutely do!). I understand what they're trying to tell me, but at the same time it really gets my blood boiling because I know full-well that babies are a handful and that Braylen and I do not want to take on that responsibility right now. And the thing is... If I wanted to have a baby now (which is just ridiculous to even consider while I'm in the middle of graduate school)... Braylen and I would be wonderful parents. Even with being unprepared and having many other things going on in our lives. Thank you for the warning, but we already have made the decision to wait. 

And I sincerely from the bottom of my heart apologize if I have offended anyone by saying that, but honestly it's a little disheartening to me to think people don't believe I know that now is not the time. I can be obsessed with baby clothes and start collecting boxes of diapers in my basement to prepare (which I haven't done but have every intention of doing) without actually having a baby. Pretty sure that's allowed. And pretty sure I'm capable of doing everything within my power to prevent getting pregnant, which I have been. 

I'm not getting pregnant anytime soon (God willing), I still absolutely adore and look forward to having babies, and that's just the way it is. I truly can do both at once without needing further recommendation to do so. 


We called in a noise complaint on our neighbors again, making this the fourth time (that we have called.. Others have called for the same house numerous other times). Now, really.. We're not old ogres who call at the drop of a hat. I lived in apartments/dorms for four years.. I'm used to having noise around me. But when my pictures are rattling, the windows are shaking, the water in my glass is pulsating, and my husband who works 12-hour night shifts is trying to sleep during the day... You're going to get the cops called on you. Especially when you're sitting with your friends in your newly sound-systemed truck, blaring the music as loudly as it will possibly go.. Just for the hell of it. What really gets me more frustrated than that is that nothing ever happens from the cops coming (well, aside from the time they all got arrested.. That was pretty satisfying). Yes, we've called and yes, the cops always come out and yes, the music is always lowered in volume... But they've never even gotten so much as fine (at least not for any of the times we have called). I understand noise pollution is only a misdemeanor, but surely if you're getting noise complaints on a single place of residence multiple times a month... Surely some repercussions are in order. Am I crazy? 

Just because you are blessed enough to have a wealthy family who owns most of Chickasha does not mean you are entitled to be completely inconsiderate to the rest of the population.

And now to lighten the mood... Remember me mentioning that my husband has a tendency to forget things? It's largely due to the fact that he puts things in random places and there's never a designated area for him to remember. To illustrate this, I decided to show you, rather than just tell you... 

Really? Keys in the sink? 
Fortunately this misplacement of keys didn't warrant a full-house and car search. Other times, I'm not so lucky.


  1. The only reason you keep getting well-wishers pushing for you to wait until making a baby is because we're all living vicariously through you.

    You've done everything picture perfectly to this point, we just want you to complete the fairy tale and live happily ever after. You're a smarty pants that is SOOO CLOSE to being done with a fabulous college degree. You have a super-great husband that loves you way more than most wives are loved AND he would be/will be an unbelievable dad. You've got a home sweet home, a wonder dog and you're doing everything 'right'. PLUS, you're actually on a diet, sticking WITH your diet and you're doing great! (Who DOES that?!?!) We just want SOMEONE we know to have things by going down the 'right' path instead of having to make all the detours/do-overs that most of us have had to make.

    It's your own fault really-you should have screwed up somewhere along the way by now so that we didn't care what you did next....but you haven't, so now you're obligated to finish the race for us.

    And there you go, more fuel for your passionate fire.

    (Ohh, and buy the diapers, the really cool expensive ones that you won't want to buy when you're also buying formula, clothes and BUTT PASTE-the best stuff ever-put it in your baby hope chest and quit torturing yourself already!!)

  2. Last time I checked, sugar, it's YOUR business when, if, and how you have a baby... :) I applaud your responsible attitude, however!

    Noisy neighbors suck. I had them at my old duplex and they were terrible. I, too, have dialed the nonemergency line... Bastards. LOL



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